Translation of ours in Spanish:


nuestro, pron.

Pronunciation /aʊəz//ɑrz//ˈaʊ(ə)rz/


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    (singular) nuestro
    (singular) nuestra
    (plural) nuestros
    (plural) nuestras
    all this is ours todo esto es nuestro
    • ours is blue el nuestro/la nuestra es azul
    • a friend of ours un amigo nuestro
    • a favorite of ours uno de nuestros favoritos
    • Garden gnomes represent all that is both great and grotesque about this fair country of ours.
    • This hard earth of ours doesn't care if it's a sea or a desert, a river or a dune.
    • The honour of being humiliated at an excruciatingly early stage is not yet ours.
    • Why don't these people concentrate on improving their own areas and leave ours alone?
    • It doesn't even seem to understand the terms of its own existence any more, never mind ours.
    • Effectively the delay enables banks to accrue interest which is effectively ours.
    • Introduce fairness into this society of ours and remember that charity begins at home.
    • Two years ago, we went to his parents' villa in Spain with some friends of ours for the first time.
    • I think when he saw the film for the first time he was looking at his own life as well as ours.
    • We need to hear from all of you who feel that this town of ours is worth the effort.
    • They were searching for the origins of their creation, just as we search for ours.
    • I look on with annoyance as I see parks pop up everywhere while ours are taken away.
    • This land was promised to us and we will stop at nothing to defend that which is ours.
    • We continued the tradition and passed the house on to a writer friend of ours.
    • Our freedom to use what is ours is being taken away from us unless we dance to their tune and pay up.
    • It costs a lot to carry the few people who fly in a country as underpopulated as ours.
    • What scares me is comparing their middle order with ours which is inexperienced.
    • In contrast to every previous encounter of ours, I sober up as we catch up into the early hours.
    • We put ours out for collection and, guess what, it was still there when I got home from work.
    • Small hospitals are very useful and certainly ours is essential to the local community.


The translation nuestro reflects the gender and number of the noun it is standing for; ours is translated by el nuestro, la nuestra, los nuestros, las nuestras, depending on what is being referred to.