Translation of oust in Spanish:


desbancar, v.

Pronunciation /aʊst//aʊst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (leader/rival) desbancar
    (government) derrocar
    (government) hacer caer
    English has ousted French as the language of diplomacy el inglés ha desplazado / sustituido al francés como la lengua de la diplomacia
    • she was ousted from office la destituyeron
    • And fifth, they can seek to oust legislators who oppose them.
    • If the tenants were so ousted then the tenancy would have lasted for less than ten months.
    • In 1957, his inner circle tried to oust him as party leader.
    • He is apparently viewed as a troublemaker and an intruder who should be ousted as soon as possible.
    • The defendants want to oust the plaintiffs, destroy their homes and make the only issue left… how much money they are going to get for the properties that used to be theirs.
    • She stated that they are ousted, and they are not recognized in the Longhouse although they may continue to live in the community.
    • You know he was nearly bankrupt after being ousted.
    • They want corrupt lawmakers to be ousted and duly punished under any circumstances.
    • It was only by slow degrees that the native laws and customs were ousted by Anglo-Norman usages and the machinery of feudalism.
    • How then do you move or deal with leaders who perhaps are more interested in ousting their opponents than promoting good governance and democracy on the continent with this initiative?
    • Once more, the nephew and the business partner join forces to oust him and, after a bitter and bloody battle, they again triumph.
    • Opinion polls conclude he has the same popularity rating his predecessor enjoyed when he was ousted as leader for being allegedly unelectable.
    • In 1969 he joined the family business, but in 1996 the group was subject to a hostile takeover and he was ousted from the board.
    • Any powers which the Secretary of State might have had under the Act of 1971 were ousted by the Act of 1983.
    • One last push was required to oust him completely.
    • But he was only in position as treasurer for a few weeks before he was ousted.
    • This does not mean that we will start extra-legal actions to oust the Cabinet.
    • He seems to have control over them, and until he is ousted or expelled, he continues to attract other demons back even though many may have been cast out.
    • A committed safety-and-soundness advocate was ousted from his position as governor of the central bank.
    • They contended, somewhat surprisingly, that this order ousted the automatic directions.