Translation of outbreak in Spanish:


estallido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌbreɪk//ˈaʊtbreɪk/


  • 1

    (of war) estallido masculine
    (of hostilities) comienzo masculine
    (of cholera, influenza) brote masculine
    at the outbreak of the strike … al declararse / al estallar la huelga …
    • there were outbreaks of violence/protest hubo brotes de violencia/protesta
    • Their clan elders, however, are attempting to calm them down, fearing the outbreak of civil war.
    • Within two weeks of its onset, the outbreak spread throughout the district.
    • According to the National Disease Surveillance Centre, last year's outbreaks caused at least 2,000 people to become ill.
    • Avian cholera outbreaks occur primarily in winter and early spring.
    • The bathing had been ordered to control an outbreak of scabies, a skin disease.
    • Acute diarrhoea was rare in these sections, and no outbreaks of gastroenteritis were recorded.
    • Today there are occasional outbreaks of their modern equivalents, mostly in small groups in exposed areas.
    • Recently the city witnessed an outbreak of gastroenteritis, which claimed seven lives.
    • The opportunity presented itself in 1866 with the outbreak of hostilities between Austria and Prussia.
    • The World Health Organisation says to prevent serious outbreaks of disease, the uptake needs to be around 95 per cent.
    • Conditions in Australian cities were so poor that Sydney suffered an outbreak of plague at the turn of the century.
    • As the outbreak spread, political and medical authorities kept a tight lid on information.
    • We learned of a deadly cholera outbreak in the area.
    • The situation is easing, although sporadic fresh outbreaks are still occurring.
    • It will also look at how the outbreaks of the disease in Holland, France and the Republic of Ireland were handled.
    • The country's prisons are so congested that they are prone to disease outbreaks.
    • In California a three-person outbreak of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome occurred in patients in a hospital.
    • Witnesses reported sporadic outbreaks of violence and houses being torched.
    • The combination has lead to the increase in outbreaks of the disease.
    • Reported outbreaks affect females disproportionately more often than males, and frequently involve adolescents or children.