Translation of outburst in Spanish:


arrebato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌbərst//ˈaʊtbəːst/


  • 1

    (of emotion)
    arrebato masculine
    arranque masculine
    an angry outburst un arrebato / arranque de ira
    • I apologize for my outburst perdonen que perdiera los estribos
    • there was a sudden outburst of shouting/applause de repente se oyeron unos gritos/el público prorrumpió en aplausos
    • The sitting held was at a hotel auditorium in the city, where Commission members listened over tea and biscuits to passionate outbursts on violence against animals.
    • There's evidence to suggest that temper tantrums, other emotional outbursts, and grunts and groans aren't a natural part of adolescence, but are actually an accentuation of a young person's personality.
    • Frontal lobe damage causes severe personality changes and sudden emotional outbursts.
    • I had some outburst and started screaming at everyone, and then I drove off.
    • Even his intimate friends in the literary circuit dread the occasional outbursts which reflect his cynical humour and contempt for hypocrites.
    • There was a moment of silence, and then an outburst of chaotic noise from the crowd standing there.
    • There are grimaces and tears and shrieking outbursts.
    • Very often a death in the family or the breakdown of a marriage triggers the violent outbursts and the dramatic changes in personality.
    • Earlier, in a dramatic outburst, he claimed he was not getting a fair hearing after being refused permission to call a witness.
    • The timing is right too, with slow lulls of discomfort interspersed with violent outbursts of emotion.
    • There suddenly erupted an outburst of noise that didn't emanate from an audio system, although it echoed the same aggressive sentiments.
    • They note that she is frequently sad or tearful, that she often becomes agitated, that she has periodic emotional and angry outbursts.
    • The force of the outburst arrested the whole dining room.
    • He also is undecided on his emotions, chopping and changing between angry violent outbursts and whiny emotional pleas.
    • Both the radical design and the seeming blasphemy of the work provoked a dramatic outburst and scandal that made his name.
    • Stormy scenes and emotional outbursts at work or at home are defused due to your meditative attitude and calming influence.
    • There are no big dramatic outbursts between the two of them, but there's still plenty of sexual tension to be had.
    • This sounds like quite an outburst, but it's funny when she says it.
    • I get ready to deliver an adult to teen sermon, but his sudden outburst forces me to think.
    • If you occasionally reward a behaviour you want to decrease rather than increase (for example, angry outbursts, tantrums) you will strengthen the behaviour by mistake.