Translation of outcrop in Spanish:


afloramiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌkrɑp//ˈaʊtkrɒp/


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    afloramiento masculine
    • Around 110 km north of Arming there is a series of further outcrops of Lower Cambrian rocks.
    • In western Thailand and eastern Myanmar, Mesozoic rocks are scattered and discontinuous, and outcrops of Palaeogene rocks are very rare.
    • Although there are no outcrops of Devonian extrusive volcanic rocks in NW Scotland, they can be found in southern and central Scotland and the Orkney Islands.
    • Xenoliths, which are pieces of wall rock, or xenocrysts, which are single mineral grains that originate from xenoliths, can commonly be recognized at outcrops of magmatic rocks.
    • The main outcrops of this rock suite underlie the two steep-sided hills of the Boesmanskop to the immediate north of the main escarpment.
    • The northernmost outcrops consist of Ordovician chloritic slates, phyllitic metavolcanic rocks and slatey metapelitic rocks.
    • On the way we stopped to dive a rock outcrop that broke the surface a few hundred metres from shore.
    • Inselbergs are rock outcrops, several tens to several hundreds of metres high, emerging from savannas or rain forests.
    • Topographic and geological maps are the next stop to identify likely areas based on physical features such as sinkholes, known outcrops of cave forming rocks, and known cave locations.
    • On the Witwatersrand the gold-bearing rock was discovered in outcrops on the surface, but within a few years it became clear that the deposits followed reefs deep underground sloping to the south.
    • The steep contacts and elongate outcrops of the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous complexes do not, therefore, rule out gently dipping, tabular form per se.
    • He has also gone further afield including BC and Alberta in Canada, Utah, and Britain but his local crags are the limestone outcrops of the Niagara escarpment.
    • Scattered throughout the Mojave Desert, outcrops of Proterozoic sedimentary rock make up parts of the mountain ranges that divide this region into basins.
    • On land, scientists may collect samples from rock outcrops.
    • Surrounding this lowlying area are ‘horsts’ of Palaeozoic rocks, and outcrops of Triassic conglomerates that drain into the basins of the Trent, Warwickshire Avon and the Severn.
    • As a boy, he loved to explore the teeming streets of Manhattan and South Bronx, checking out street excavations and rock outcrops in public parks for minerals.
    • Vistas of mountains and valleys with interesting weathered limestone outcrops are everywhere, and there are numerous small mines.
    • The round mound incorporates natural outcrops of rock.
    • Traces of these explorations are still visible in the rocky outcrops on the ridge.
    • Thus the proto-Thames once rose in the West Midlands and carried Welsh volcanic clasts southeastwards across the Middle Jurassic outcrops into the present west-east-striking valley in south Oxfordshire.