Translation of outcry in Spanish:


protesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌkraɪ//ˈaʊtkrʌɪ/


  • 1

    (enérgica) protesta feminine
    there was a public outcry hubo protestas generalizadas
    • pressure groups raised an outcry about the planned development grupos de presión manifestaron su indignación ante las obras planeadas
    • The revelation has prompted an outcry from parents, legal experts and politicians who demanded further investigations.
    • When they did, however, the outcry was enormous.
    • Why hasn't there been a louder outcry about the measures adopted?
    • The outcry in the press was significant, and the resultant investigation into the incident was extensive.
    • The video sparked a national outcry last week with commentators, including the Cabinet, labelling it racist.
    • The policy did not last more than ten years, as the public outcry grew and more and more people disappeared.
    • The company backed down and withdrew the T-shirt uniform after a public outcry.
    • But they were eventually given the green light, following a public outcry.
    • The outcry in the press would be tremendous!
    • There he made statements, which have raised a massive and understandable outcry in the Italian press.
    • The camp hit the headlines when scenes of destruction similar to damage after an earthquake sparked an international outcry.
    • Last month the death of a little boy caused a national outcry.
    • What would you have done if the children had been taken into care but had been returned following a public outcry?
    • I think the council has got the message that it can't just sell off areas which are sensitive like this without a public outcry.
    • The resulting media outcry prodded the military to review its practices.
    • In 2004 the then 77 year-old suspension bridge was closed to pedestrians, causing an outcry from local residents.
    • Can you imagine the outcry if English football fans were treated in this way?
    • They were convicted and executed, despite a massive outcry from all over the world against this barbaric treatment.
    • And they have triggered a greater civilian outcry than almost any other weapon.
    • There was a huge public outcry following the deaths in May because the bus had no seatbelts.