Translation of outdistance in Spanish:


dejar atrás, v.

Pronunciation /ˌaʊtˈdɪstəns//aʊtˈdɪst(ə)ns/

transitive verb

  • 1

    dejar atrás
    • He appeared to be moving no faster than before with no more effort but, still, they needed to move at a fairly brisk pace to not be outdistanced by him.
    • He liked the idea; he could relate to how these women always felt, trying to outdistance the bill collector, never having roots.
    • Once one standard emerges as a clear favorite among users, it will quickly outdistance its rivals.
    • By various means she comes up with the cash, and begins training, quickly outdistancing her brother, who would rather be an artist anyway.
    • She started her takeoff run, easily outdistancing her pursuers.
    • Sally took his advice, sprinting past him down the corridor, easily outdistancing him.
    • With pizza outdistancing hamburgers and frankfurters in the race for the consumer dollar, pizza production is soaring.
    • Our one chance is to run like the lightning and hope we survive long enough to outdistance the storm.
    • The leading authors cited 14 of his articles, outdistancing all other authors.
    • It documents, for example, how the super-rich are outdistancing everyone else.
    • Polls show that he is outdistancing both Democratic primary contenders.
    • Benchmarking your business against industry peers, however, will help you to understand your own competitive position in the marketplace and will help you to design strategies to outdistance your competitors.
    • From there, the race is on, as you have to catch up to and outdistance your rival.
    • He had just outdistanced his surprisingly fast pursuers when he passed under a pedestrian overpass.
    • He didn't even notice Peter and the others fall into line behind him, even as he outdistanced them.
    • Some are accomplished leapers and bounders, avoiding predation by outdistancing the predator.
    • The difficulty is to be settled not by trying to write poetry that the Philistines can understand but by outdistancing them in the very race they have set.
    • He had prided himself on being a strong swimmer, even for an elf, but this girl was easily outdistancing him.
    • Despite its waxings and wanings under the impact of barbarian outsurges and imperial rises and falls, it created a kind of economic international system that far outdistanced any political one.
    • First, the growth of data transmission is far outdistancing the growth of international voice traffic.