Translation of outdoor in Spanish:


de calle, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtdɔː//ˈaʊtˌdɔr/


  • 1

    (clothes) de calle
    (clothes) (for winter) de abrigo
    (plants) de exterior
    (swimming pool) descubierto
    (swimming pool) al aire libre
    the outdoor life la vida al aire libre
    • he's very much the outdoor type es el tipo de persona a la que le gusta la vida al aire libre
    • outdoor antenna / (British) aerial antena exterior
    • outdoor games juegos al aire libre
    • outdoor pursuits actividades al aire libre
    • you may need a filter for outdoor shots quizás necesites un filtro para sacar fotos afuera
    • We think about a store design as outdoor advertising.
    • Another great outdoor activity is the early-morning bird watching.
    • Mostly good weather favoured the event for the three weeks when outdoor pursuits could be taken up.
    • A roof terrace adds even more outdoor living space.
    • Here is situated a residential and outdoor centre where young people can enjoy the countryside.
    • Summer is the time for music festivals, concerts and other outdoor events.
    • But it is hoped even more big stars will be attracted to the city by the new outdoor venue.
    • The outdoor concert was cancelled and the various acts performed in local pubs instead.
    • Over the years she has tried indoor and outdoor climbing but does prefer the outdoors.
    • Many military people have found kayaking to be the perfect form of outdoor recreation.
    • Most outdoor pursuits are popular, in particular shooting, rambling, sailing and windsurfing.
    • Everyone enjoys the look and utility of good outdoor furniture.
    • There is a plethora of talent in the free outdoor lineup, too.
    • There was a time when outdoor furniture was either teak, aluminum, or plastic.
    • Aside from all of the great outdoor activities, the Rockies have a number of other attractions as well.
    • Gardening, now ranked as America's number one outdoor activity, is growing like a weed.
    • A major new outdoor sculpture in stainless steel has been created for the show.
    • Bad weather could be a major deterrent for most outdoor sports.
    • As with the Jazz Fest, there's both pricey indoor shows and free outdoor concerts.
    • I do not like outdoor sports because of the heat and dust.