Translation of outfight in Spanish:


derrotar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌaʊtˈfaɪt//aʊtˈfʌɪt/

transitive verboutfought

  • 1

    ganarle a
    • In short, the three of them easily outmatched and outfought anything and everything that tried to attack them.
    • However, for long periods, they were outfought by the home side who hustled them out of their stride and played as if their lives depended on the outcome.
    • I am quite sure that I shall overdrink him and outfight him.
    • She learned karate for self-defense: ‘I was afraid that he would outfight me.’
    • I don't care what or who this thing thinks it is, nothing can outfight me with a blade.
    • Being outgunned need not foredoom you to being outfought.
    • No doubt he was remembering the boys who had, with frightening ease, outfought a gang of twice their number.
    • Not that I could outfight him; I couldn't - not yet.
    • Initially, however, the gamble seemed to pay off, as the Japanese armed forces outmanoeuvred and outfought their opponents in campaigns which brought victories in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya, Burma, and the Philippines.
    • Their midfield never gained enough of the ball during the game and their forwards, starved of possession, were outfought by a resolute defence when the ball did arrive.
    • Time and again, he warned his side of the danger of being outfought by more eager opponents.
    • It outfought them all to win further territory.
    • It means he was outfought, outdone - and even more importantly, hopelessly outclassed!
    • Yes, he'd outfought her, but she'd had a chance right up to the point her missile had failed to launch.
    • But I completely outfought him and was way ahead on the scorecards when the fight got stopped.
    • If he couldn't outplay his opponent, then he could outthink and outfight him and here he shows how he did it.
    • She was not most angry that he had outfought her, though this did fan the flames of her rage.
    • ‘You defeat your opponents by out-thinking them, not by outfighting them,’ she said.
    • The three will have to rely on size and strength to outfight defenders for the ball because they can't beat defenders with speed alone.
    • So far as the military intellectual is concerned, he is wed to the belief that in war against a competitive foe, we shall have to outthink that foe if we are to be successful in outfighting him.