Translation of outfit in Spanish:


conjunto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌfɪt//ˈaʊtfɪt/


  • 1

    conjunto masculine
    tenida feminine Chile
    a Cinderella outfit un disfraz de Cenicienta
    • They were always buying cute little outfits, and bringing me clothes to wear.
    • Tell me the theme of the night and we can get you an outfit for the occasion.
    • She walked up to her bag of clothes in search of the perfect outfit for the day.
    • The perfect outfit for the occasion is hiding somewhere in your closet.
    • Today's outfit was based on a Chinese-style costume, black silk embroidered with pink and gold flowers.
    • I picked out my cutest outfit that day to make a good impression.
    • Ever since I had seen her in her skimpy little cheerleading outfit, I had a huge distaste for her.
    • I had chosen an outfit of black jeans and a small dark green t-shirt for her.
    • There were lab coats, Vegas showgirl outfits, long gowns with full skirts, vampire costumes, and flapper dresses.
    • Just select the girl's dress you want, then pick the matching outfit for your size doll.
    • They were also able to expand their clothing line to include denim outfits, sweatshirts, outerwear, and accessories.
    • Choose a form-fitting outfit - no baggy jeans or sweats.
    • She wore her black leather outfit as though nothing had changed.
    • The trick is to keep some of your older clothes (the articles that you love), and revamp those outfits with the new clothes of this season.
    • Choose a blending colour that matches your outfit for the day.
    • Most of the students were donning their new outfits, dressed to precision.
    • The rest of his outfit consisted of black slacks, black boots, and black gloves.
    • He dons a carefully chosen outfit consisting of a meticulous striped shirt and pants that match his season.
    • Buy a new outfit for the day.
    • His outfit consisted of a white cotton dress shirt with a black bow tie and matching shoes.
  • 2

    equipo masculine
    • It's an outfit that doesn't just repair your gear, but improves it.
    • And I was able to splash out on a whole new outfit of expensive camera equipment.
    • It can be subdivided to create custom compartments for the ideal organization of tools, sets, kits and outfits.
  • 3informal

    (organization, unit)
    they're a well-disciplined outfit son un equipo disciplinado
    • they've set up a small electronics outfit han montado un pequeño negocio de electrónica
    • It is time for some of those outfits to re-evaluate their business plans, take a long hard look at their balance sheets and perhaps consider a timely exit from the market.
    • The local brass band association has offered to try and pull together a replacement outfit from bands across the area.
    • Looking to fill the property on off nights, he bought some local promoters and formed a concert-booking outfit.
    • The roadblocks are even greater if a rookie joins a team that has poor chemistry or if he lands with a multicar outfit in which the teams and/or drivers don't get along.
    • Activities of extremist communal outfits must be constantly monitored.
    • They are all very talented musicians and are a unique outfit as they perform as a unit.
    • The home team looked the sharper outfit in the opening 10 minutes and dominated the exchanges to go three points up without reply.
    • More than half of revenues was generated from the outfit's directories business.
    • The men's team are a young outfit after an overhaul three years ago.
    • They in turn have found an outfit that is pushing the utility mutual concept.
    • He was closely monitoring the outfit's activities in the entire Northeastern region.
    • So it must be something other than pure transaction costs that keep some outfits in business.
    • They pointed out that arrest of the militant, who was willing to surrender, could have led to vital clues regarding the activities of the militant outfits.
    • It understands that although both outfits have their legal teams working on the case, no formal move will be made until it issues its ruling.
    • It already appears to be shopping around its business, a trading-and-research outfit.
    • These include notations in the business records of these outfits, which make it clear that the tasty bivalves were unusually popular.
    • Likewise many other villagers who were innocent and have nothing to do with any activities of any banned outfits were booked.
    • And it says it would have worked with them to build an ‘industry-wide best practice’ had the outfit been that concerned about the matter.
    • He said he had been brought in as coach with the Board being well aware that he would require time to bring in changes and make the team a strong outfit.
    • Two of the region's finest vocal outfits team up next Thursday for a dream billing.

transitive verb

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