Translation of outflow in Spanish:


desagüe, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌfloʊ//ˈaʊtfləʊ/


  • 1

    (of water) desagüe masculine
    (of water) flujo masculine
    (of capital) fuga feminine
    cash outflows salidas de efectivo feminine
    • In simple terms, if inflow is greater than outflow the result is overcrowding.
    • We now know that stellar outflows produce an enormous amount of water and we know that our lives depend on water.
    • The move was aimed at reducing capital outflows from the country and lifting the earnings of local deposit holders.
    • The Government approved changes to currency legislation to further liberalise capital outflows.
    • Price indices may or may not catch the effect of the net outflow of money from the commodity market.
    • With more pensioners and fewer active workers paying in, the postal pension system has a net outflow of funds for the first time in nearly 70 years.
    • For the month of February alone, the documents said the net outflow was $72.1 million with outflows amounting to $441.2 million against inflows of $369.1 million.
    • Given the scale of the foreign assets, the government's payments capacity should be able to withstand any foreseeable shocks or capital outflows emanating from the otherwise worrisome fiscal situation.
    • ‘Even if all dormant account holders come forward en masse to claim their money, the outflow of funds would not have a huge effect on the banks,’ he said.
    • For the next three years until 2001, private capital outflow amounted to between $8 to 10 billion annually.
    • The pressure to export is pressure to get the minimal sums necessary to cover these outflows of money.
    • The outflow amounted to 21 percent of Europe's population in 1870.
    • Certainly, the ‘no haste’ policy did not end the capital outflow.
    • But any shock to confidence that leads to an outflow of private capital could be problematic, however.
    • Of course, the outflow of capital to foreign countries, stagnation of investment, and the steady decline of the stock market will become more serious.
    • The report noted the need for the abolition of limitations on the outflow of foreign currencies by enterprises that have invested in the nation.
    • We should note that long-term capital outflows from Britain were also enormous.
    • Inevitably, cash outflows associated with leasing or financing will occur at different times and for different durations of time.
    • Junk bond fund flows reversed, with outflows of $319 million this week.
    • The institute's data showed that the outflow of medical practitioners was matched by an inflow of overseas-qualified medical practitioners.