Translation of outline in Spanish:


contorno, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈaʊtˌlaɪn//ˈaʊtlʌɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(contour)

      contorno masculine
      before noun outline sketch esbozo masculine
      • On the north side of the building, the extension has reached first-floor level and the outline of the windows can be seen.
      • At yards and terminals, thin lines are used to indicate the outlines of the limit of trackage.
      • Punch holes in the outline of each letter about one inch apart.
      • I wrote one sentence over the whole surface of the green form, in big black letters with silver outlines and emphasisers.
      • Also, while working on the plane we spotted the outline of a bell under a coat of paint on the nacelle.
      • The cone shape of the limpet can be visualised lying on its side to form the outline of the cuttlefish body, but it takes a lot of imagination.
      • The common female pictogram usually appears on women's restrooms, and the figure typically has the outline of a skirt.
      • The first artistic act, according to legend, was the tracing of the outline of a human shadow in ancient Egypt (or, by some accounts, ancient Corinth).
      • Picasso learned from Cezanne that the outlines of landscapes and bodies can be broken up and that the hidden, intuitive facets of perspective objects can be shown.
      • The pro teams are ghost sides, their outline only faintly discernible, manufactured solely to advance the national squad.
      • He said the aerial photography team had been able to spot the outline of the camps because of the soil condition, which meant the shapes were visible from the air, but not from ground level.
      • It was bent at a strange angle and the outline of bone was evident, protruding to the point of almost breaking through the skin.
      • The familiar skyline is superimposed with the outline of two figures in an intimate embrace.
      • After chasing the black cat, I spend an hour wandering the mossy field where the outlines of a dozen warehouses remain.
      • This datolite conforms to the outline of the vesicles, and the rim or rinds of the masses are semismooth and usually coated with a dark green to black chloritic mineral.
      • In plan-form the dune has an irregular outline but the eastern margin is more complex and irregular than the western edge.
      • The sun was just rising and I could see its outline against the sky line about 1000 feet in altitude.
      • Proportion we say is these outlines and contours positioned in proportion in their places.
      • The ductal structures showed an irregular outline with infoldings of the glands.
      • And the next shot is exactly that of a languid, exquisitely shaped flower which picks up and repeats the outline of the bound foot.

    • 1.2(shape)

      perfil masculine

  • 2

    make an outline of the article before you start writing haz un esquema del artículo antes de empezar a escribir
    • a brief outline of events so far un breve resumen de lo sucedido hasta ahora
    • here, in broad outline, is the plan a grandes rasgos / en líneas generales, el plan es el siguiente
    • before noun the project has received outline approval el proyecto ha sido aprobado en principio
    • outline plan plano preliminar

transitive verb

  • 1

    (shape) bosquejar
    (map) trazar
    the trees stood outlined against the sky el perfil de los árboles se recortaba contra el cielo
    • eyes can be outlined with blue eyeliner el contorno de los ojos puede acentuarse con delineador azul
  • 2

    (plan/situation) esbozar
    (situation/plan) explicar resumidamente
    (plan/situation) dar una idea general de