Translation of outlook in Spanish:


punto de vista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtlʊk//ˈaʊtˌlʊk/


  • 1

    punto de vista masculine
    outlook on sth actitud ante algo feminine
    • this has changed my outlook on life esto ha cambiado mi actitud ante la vida
    • to have a broad outlook on things tener amplitud de miras
    • One cycle is over and the new one begins with fresh energy and a positive outlook on different levels of consciousness.
    • However, amateur media, from digital video to blogs to the Internet, opened up a more global outlook.
    • I suppose I always liked his writing, talks and his general outlook on carp fishing.
    • Enlightened about the beauty and sanctity of life. a positive outlook on life is a precondition for a meaningful inquiry into the mystery of life.
    • This class outlook is common in Europe, but is contrary to the American idea.
    • You'll have a groovy new outlook, plus way more energy and enthusiasm.
    • When reading what I'm about to write you must understand this fundamental difference in my outlook as opposed to my cousin's outlook.
    • This is aimed at giving the young people a positive outlook on life and persuading them to become productive rather than give in to despondency, cynicism and decadence.
    • Questioned about his statement, West said he did what he did and just kept ‘a positive outlook on things.’
    • How did that change your outlook on that time and about politics in general?
    • Their bitterness poisons their attitude and their outlook on life.
    • Humour is her bread and butter, and it would seem that it is a sense of humour, or at the very least a positive outlook on life, that has maintained her stamina this past while.
    • The contemporary interest in the subtleties and minutiae of colours, whether in the fine arts or in fashion fabrics or interior decoration and so on, reveals a shift of attitude in the whole outlook on colour.
    • His reflections on that, his life, his ongoing dialysis treatments and his general outlook on the world are well worth perusing.
    • We want to give these young kids a positive outlook on life and teach them how to feel good about themselves and relate peacefully to others.
    • I think that's going far enough as it is but I'm sure that man's general philosophical outlook on his position here on this earth is that the earth will gradually change.
    • In the sixteenth century, this outlook gave way to the Copernican theory: Earth and all the other planets revolve around the Sun.
    • Johnny was a lovely man and his warm smile will not be forgotten or his great outlook on life in general.
    • Still active and alert Mary attributes her longevity to plenty of hard work, good genes, a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life in general.
    • This will help you to have a positive outlook on life.
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    perspectivas feminine
    the outlook for tomorrow la previsión del tiempo para mañana
    • the outlook for the industry is bleak el panorama para la industria es desolador
    • For the first time this year, those questioned were positive about both the current economic situation and the outlook for the next six months.
    • Looking ahead, retailers were less upbeat about the prospects for the outlook for sales volumes in July, with the expected balance dipping to plus 38.
    • In 1910 it was the home of 18, 182 souls, a dead and hopeless outlook ahead.
    • But every group has left its mark, bringing skills, cultures, cuisines, and adding something to the life of the country and affecting our future and our outlook.
    • Indeed, its buoyant outlook will make the volume pleasant reading for those seeking an introductory digest to 20th century financial events.
    • This indicates investors believe the future outlook for the group has been significantly enhanced irrespective of the outcome of the bid.
    • It also reflects the outlook for growth - a slowing macro background would affect corporate profits.
    • While the recent Locate In Scotland report on inward investment showed job creation to be high, the level of investment and the future outlook were worrying.
    • In terms of outlook, our view is that equity should do fine.
    • So why would anyone want to buy a traded endowment, given today's investment environment and the poor outlook for future bonus declarations?
    • Now with all of the changes and the belt-tightening the outlook for the future of the Programme looks grim.
    • Shareholders are to get an unchanged interim dividend of 4.380506 cents per share, suggesting the company is confident about the future outlook for the group.
    • The most widely held view in this month's survey is a positive outlook on Japanese assets.
    • We've had some growing pains but overall the outlook for the future of the league is very positive.
    • Most complained of rising tuition costs, a horrible job outlook, an enormous national debt, a lack of health insurance and a fear of being drafted to fight in a war they did not believe in.
    • The sharp falls cannot be explained by a change in global economic prospects, or the outlook for corporations.
    • He said the group would face challenges in the rest of the year but was confident in the outlook for the future.
    • As a recent college graduate with three times the average student loan debt, I am here to offer a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark financial outlook.
    • The earnings outlook coupled with stock price drops are causing Wall Street firms to determine which companies are still good bets.
    • Morale has seldom been as fractured, the future outlook never as bleak, and barring some kid of miracle we are going to be dumped out of this title race on Sunday.
  • 3British

    vista feminine
    panorama masculine
    a wonderful outlook onto the river/over the city un magnífico panorama del río/de la ciudad
    • Shrubs could also be planted between, creating a pleasant outlook at minimal cost.
    • But the outlook from the end of the street is a row of ugly, derelict homes which provide shelter for drug addicts and vandals, named by residents after the notorious New York district.
    • What is currently a reasonably pleasant outlook across the school playing fields would be severely compromised by an eight-foot fence.