Translation of outrigger in Spanish:


balancín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtrɪɡə//ˈaʊtˌrɪɡər/


  • 1

    balancín masculine
    • The Hawaiian outrigger canoe is part of the cultural heritage of America's only Island State.
    • Other features include standard wireless radio controls, wide-stance outriggers, hydraulic regeneration, and stability monitoring capability.
    • The traditional bangka, an outrigger canoe, is still in common use for fishing and local transport.
    • In 2003, Tim attempted to solo sail from Florida to Cuba in an outrigger canoe.
    • Nearly a third of the primary hull was missing along with one of the outriggers.
    • It was either that or some boat that had built-in outriggers, each with its own dagger board (which was cunningly interchangeable with the rudder blade), and a central driving seat.
    • Two outrigger hulls provide stability and prevent the boat from capsizing.
    • The outboard motor growled to life and our outrigger kept us on an even keel while sea-birds sat on sharp, spume-glistening rocks, watching our heaving progress with mild interest.
    • Two outriggers give the vessel great stability.
    • Diving is usually done from bancas, long, stable boats with outriggers, powered by truck diesel engines.
    • The fishermen of the cooperative had a large outrigger canoe, fished in a traditional manner with nets and caught about 350 kilo of fish a day on average.
    • Their boats are outrigger canoes, and outboard engines are not allowed.
    • It's possible to rent an outrigger canoe and go to some of the more special places for snorkelling.
    • This time we will be assembling an outrigger canoe.
    • ‘Their canoes are made with a good deal of skill, and have an outrigger,’ he wrote.
    • The boats are bancas, canoe-style hulls with twin bamboo outriggers.
    • The canoe was over 20 feet long, he noted, and made from a hollowed-out tree with an outrigger on both sides.
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    canoa con balancines feminine
    • Children in outriggers surrounded the ship for the better part of the day, making the entire affair seem like a county carnival.
    • It was just what she did to get by and be happy and be able to paddle outriggers and go to Hawaii every year.
    • Ted, a tall, brown tree-trunk of a man, raced outriggers for more than 30 years.
    • The fleet consisted of one large fish carrier, a medium purse-seine fishing vessel, three medium sized boats and four ocean going outriggers.