Translation of outside in Spanish:


exterior, n.

Pronunciation: /aʊtˈsaɪd//aʊtˈsʌɪd/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (exterior part) exterior masculine
      (surface) parte de fuera feminine
      (surface) parte de afuera feminine Latin America
      the house looks really nice from the outside la casa parece muy bonita vista desde (a)fuera
      • on the outside she appeared very calm aparentemente estaba muy tranquila
      • The outside should be just softening, but the insides still hard.
      • Torches were lit on both the outsides of the buildings, and in the insides.
      • And what's important is what he feels about me on the inside, not the outside.
      • The outsides of buildings are horrible facades of doom and brimstone and that gunky stuff that forms in your eye when you're sleepy.
      • Take a quiz, to find out if the grey matter inside matches the one outside.
      • They all sat down and had their own cups of hot cocoa, warming their insides and their outsides.
      • A pair of peak-like chicken croquettes drizzled in yellow giblet gravy have extra-crunchy outsides and smooth white-meat insides.
      • Mark was not surprised to see that the inside of the building was as run-down as the outside.
      • If cool turns to cold, your core temperature becomes threatened and your insides start to feel like your outsides - chilly.
      • The former post office is a listed building, and the outside cannot be touched.
      • Visually powerful spastics lined the insides and outsides of small churches and large cathedrals.
      • She hadn't seen the outsides of buildings before.
      • The golden colour which gives it its name is on the inner side of the valves, not the outside.
      • The inside was just about as nice looking as the outside for a police building.
      • As mentioned before there is a symbiosis between the insides and the outsides, between our inner selves and the outside world.
      • He wondered how I cooked them through without charring the outsides to a blackened crust.
      • We saw this flat, and we wanted to match the inside with the outside.
      • A lot of lip service is paid to how the contestants are renovating the inside as well as the outside.
      • In fact, I was enamored at the fact that since we spend most of our time at airports inside the airport, there should be postcards of the insides of airports, rather than of the outsides, which we often never get to see.
      • It works fine, and looks okay from the inside, but is nothing much to photograph from the outside.

    • 1.2(of road)

      he overtook me on the outside (in UK etc) me adelantó por la derecha
      • With this loop you cannot tell which side is the inside and which is the outside.

      parte más alejada del centro

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    • 2.1(of group, organization)

      we feel very much on the outside of everything nos sentimos excluidos de todo
      • to be on the outside looking in ser un mero espectador
      • seen from the outside visto desde afuera

    • 2.2informal (of prison)

      afuera Latin America
      he's got a friend on the outside tiene un amigo (a)fuera
      • I'll remember how she was even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.
      • He answered that it was only the outside which appeared different; people were the same everywhere.

  • 3

    at the (very) outside (at the most) (in an extremity) como máximo
    • he can't be more than 40 at the outside tendrá como máximo / como mucho / a lo sumo 40 años


  • 1

    (sit/stand/remain) fuera
    (sit/remain/stand) afuera Latin America
    wait outside espere (a)fuera
  • 2

    (play/eat/sit) fuera
    (play/sit/eat) afuera Latin America
    what's it like outside? ¿qué tiempo hace (a)fuera?
  • 3

    (indicating movement)
    to run outside salir corriendo
    • if you'd like to step outside si me hace el favor de salir un momento


  • 1

    fuera de
    outside the boundary fuera de los límites
    • you wear the blouse outside the skirt la blusa se lleva por fuera (de la falda)
    • outside the USA fuera de Estados Unidos
    • it's just outside London está en las afueras de Londres
    • it's five miles outside Oxford está a cinco millas de Oxford
    • he was waiting outside the door estaba esperando en la puerta
    • I'll see you outside the theater te veo en la puerta del teatro
  • 2

    fuera de
    little known outside literary circles poco conocido fuera de los círculos literarios
    • it's outside my price range está fuera de mi presupuesto
    • sex outside marriage relaciones sexuales extramatrimoniales / fuera del matrimonio
    • he has few interests outside his family aparte de su familia / fuera de su familia, tiene pocos intereses
    • it's outside my responsibilities no está dentro de mis responsabilidades
  • 3

    (in time)
    outside office hours fuera del horario de oficina
    • only 2 seconds outside the world record solo a 2 segundos del récord mundial


  • 1

    (exterior, outward)
    (wall/appearance/pocket) exterior
  • 2

    (toilet) fuera de la vivienda
    (toilet) exterior
    (swimming pool) descubierto
    (swimming pool) al aire libre
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    (edge/track) exterior
  • 4

    (interference/pressure) externo
    it would be prudent to get an outside opinion sería prudente buscar una opinión independiente
    • the outside world el mundo exterior
    • outside examiner examinadora externa
  • 5

    (chance/possibility) remoto