Translation of outsource in Spanish:


externalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌsɔrs//aʊtˈsɔːs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (goods/components) externalizar
    (components/goods) adquirir de fuentes externas
    • That makes the outcry in the US against outsourcing a good example of much ado about nothing.
    • Last year the Housing Department was corporatised and a number of its services were outsourced to private enterprise.
    • Before the City outsourced its fleet services, there was an estimated 40 percent availability of vehicles.
    • He said they didn't want to negatively affect patient services so they outsourced support services to save money.
    • Companies that want to outsource hosting services can no longer assume a provider's financial stability.
    • Last month, the legislature passed a measure that suspended plans to outsource public health services to private providers.
    • Additionally, some of the Cotton Park goods are outsourced to three local subcontractors.
    • That doesn't mean we wouldn't outsource certain services and aspects of our business.
    • This reduces risk, and can form the basis of an informed decision to outsource all IT services at some future stage.
    • It will outsource customer service and claims handling and will use the internet to market itself.
    • They were opposing state government moves to close the press and outsource printing services.
    • The opportunity exists for the fund to outsource the administration services.
    • The opportunity here is to outsource engineering services in areas not core to them.
    • If the facility outsources janitorial services, the cost of carpet cleaning should be pulled out of the overall cost of the contract.
    • Many of these services are outsourced, including the management of buses and coaches in the Watsonia area.
    • If too much innovation is outsourced, corporations may find their own suppliers competing with them.
    • There's another compelling reason for marketers and agencies to outsource this type of service, Park adds.
    • Sometimes it may be better to outsource this service using a maintenance contract.
    • Printer management services can be outsourced to keep control of devices and their use.
    • The service is not outsourced to another company or run from a centre overseas.