Translation of outwardly in Spanish:


en apariencia, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtwədli//ˈaʊtwərdli/


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    en apariencia
    • I'm having problems maintaining my outwardly normal composure as it is.
    • Invariably they are well-dressed, intelligent and from outwardly stable and normal households.
    • Some of the places are owned by outwardly religious people.
    • It is hard for most people to realize that a wild sheep that looks outwardly calm may be a bundle of anxieties inside.
    • Teenagers may be outwardly showing rebellion, but there's a narrowness of thought even in this.
    • Although he was outwardly respectable, he was known to have underworld connections and to have used a notorious thug in his shadier dealings.
    • Even when her delicious caramel squares lasted only a day or so, she was outwardly shocked, but inwardly flattered.
    • For the moment, however, the companies who have splashed out on the latest technology seem outwardly happy with their purchases.
    • America remains outwardly confident about finally mustering the numbers, but in the end it will make little difference.
    • The trauma of their past has scarred them deeply, leading to nightmares and neuroses, even though outwardly they are fully functioning adults.
    • As ever in the heated culture wars, the remarks are coded to send an encouraging signal to conservatives, but remain outwardly vague for others.
    • Even people who outwardly appeared confident and successful often feel lacking in joy and real direction in their lives.
    • Those of you who use the term, even in jest, need to think about this: a lot of people will pretend something is funny, or outwardly put up with it without comment.
    • As a head Stubbs was charismatic and outwardly eccentric, making it policy to shake every child's hand and say something nice about them.
    • He was calm outwardly; inside, as he said later, he was combusting.
    • This time around, the election campaign has been more outwardly peaceful.
    • I'm a very bad loser, but try not to outwardly show it.
    • I met these outback guys who seemed so rough and tumble outwardly, but underneath they were really gentle blokes.
    • And those were very special moments for me, because it was so unlike him to be sensitive outwardly.