Translation of outwit in Spanish:


burlar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌaʊtˈwɪt//aʊtˈwɪt/

transitive verboutwitting, outwitted

  • 1

    they had been outwitted by their enemies sus enemigos habían sido más listos que ellos
    • In fact, in order to make sense of Aslan's victory it must be noted that he effectively deceives the witch and so outwits her in his return to life.
    • But keep to the model of The Doctor using his mind to outwit his opponents.
    • United have even proved adept at switching the tactics mid-game to outwit opponents this season.
    • Wal-Mart outwitted its rival by growing slowly since 1962 and first planting itself in many rural areas, where it cost much less to build.
    • For decades scientists have sought reliable ways to detect deception, only to be outwitted by liars capable of deceiving their instruments.
    • Awestruck by its glittering new friends in business, but baffled by the complexities of the scheme it supports, it has been consistently outwitted and outmanoeuvred.
    • Gent can snap back at his opponents but would rather outwit them.
    • And those who monitor intercepts can easily be outwitted.
    • In recent months, Slavkov has outwitted his opponents.
    • In race after race Schumacher outwits opponents by overtaking them when they are stationary in the pits.
    • If youths consistently saw criminals outwitting police, they would idolise the criminals, Baksh added.
    • In that case, the ones who are hurt the most are the least intelligent men, whose true equals have been snatched away by dominance-seeking men who have outwitted them.