Translation of overblown in Spanish:


ampuloso, adj.

Pronunciation /əʊvəˈbləʊn//ˌoʊvərˈbloʊn/


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    (prose/melodrama/rhetoric) ampuloso
    (melodrama/prose/rhetoric) rimbombante
    • In satire, things tend to be exaggerated and overblown for effect.
    • Sometimes I read responses that seem overblown and pretentious, and they make me wince.
    • Yet it's not pretentiously overblown nor dragged down by fanboy baggage.
    • Realistic threats may be exaggerated or overblown, in which case correct and balanced information can be used to reduce them.
    • Many of the digital images in this overblown cautionary tale remind us of humanity's relatively insignificant place in the universe.
    • We should avoid the overblown statements and tub-thumping oratory.
    • Humans show false strength with exaggerated postures and overblown words.
    • So while I think this is a cause for concern, it's not cause for the kind of overblown rhetoric I've seen around the web.
    • Of course, the fears of the critics may be hysterical or overblown, but in that case, one wonders why they can't just come out and tell us that.
    • It's an overblown solution, but probably politically necessary - and a sure sign of a dangerous vanity.
    • It's passionate but not overblown or melodramatic.
    • She saw Clint as an aging pretty-boy, a gifted entertainer with overblown artistic pretensions.
    • They called his charges exaggerated or said it was all overblown.
    • Successful operas have powerful, involving stories, even if they're overblown, rhetorical and, indeed, operatic.
    • Their behaviour and pretensions were overblown but they put out a good deal of material that retains vitality more than 30 years later.
    • To say that the music is overblown and pretentious is rather an understatement.
    • Sun-baked window displays were decked out with extravagant fairy lights and overblown decorations.
    • Yet, the New York Times fails to make that distinction and pretends that the the desperation was overblown.
    • In contrast, some of the other liberal arguments about the significance of this case seem tendentious and overblown.
    • Forget your preconceptions about opera - - it is not all about screaming voices and overblown melodrama.
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    (flower) demasiado abierto