Translation of overcapacity in Spanish:


sobrecapacidad, n.

Pronunciation /əʊvəkəˈpasɪti//ˌoʊvərkəˈpæsədi/


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    sobrecapacidad feminine
    capacidad en exceso feminine
    • The move has essentially sabotaged Germany's construction industry, which is plagued by massive overcapacity.
    • Demand has been hurt by the problems at the airlines, the telecom bust, and overcapacity in many industries.
    • European mass-market car makers are struggling in the face of intense price competition brought on partly by overcapacity in the industry.
    • The worldwide overcapacity in steel is larger than the U.S. steel industry.
    • In a world of overcapacity, every company is desperate to sell what it can, if only to help offset its fixed costs.
    • The company needs to address, and quickly, efficiency improvements in reaction to the rapid competition that has built up as a result of overcapacity within the industry.
    • The hope is that, after so many years of cutting back, the industry has shed most of its overcapacity and is poised for an upturn as demand rebounds.
    • Now, if they're in an industry suffering from overcapacity and bloated asset prices, they should worry if vultures aren't in sight.
    • If the economy slows, overcapacity could crunch profits in China
    • Industry overcapacity has cut profits, driven consolidation and increased the tension between automakers and suppliers.
    • Maybe some industry somewhere isn't loaded with global overcapacity, but I'm still looking for it.
    • In addition, the long bull market has led to overcapacity.
    • The auto industry faces a global crisis of overcapacity and every major automaker is involved in mergers, corporate restructuring and downsizing.
    • Concerned about overcapacity in the auto industry, policy makers in Beijing have been engaged in a lengthy effort to curb auto loans.
    • Management claims that its Brazilian plants suffer from overcapacity under conditions in which the internal market for autos has declined.
    • And it now looks like he may bite the bullet and close at least a couple of auto plants to reduce GM's overcapacity.
    • It faces dramatic industry overcapacity and near-flat worldwide demand.
    • Just about every industry faces overcapacity.
    • In both cases, overcapacity led to declining profit rates.
    • In this steep economic downturn, markets are flushing out overcapacity, winnowing the weak from the strong.