Translation of overcast in Spanish:


cubierto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊvərˌkæst//ˌoʊvərˈkæst//ˈəʊvəkɑːst/


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    (sky) cubierto
    (day) nublado
    it was overcast estaba nublado
    • As a result, when it reaches the British Isles it tends to produce dull, overcast weather often with drizzle.
    • And a somewhat overcast sky has dulled the ocean's blues.
    • Dim light from the grey overcast sky outside passed faintly into the room.
    • A heavy overcast sky presses down relentlessly as the passing traffic swallows up the remaining air.
    • The weather was typical of this time of year with dull, overcast skies, intermittent drizzle and a drop in temperature.
    • The visibility was limited somewhat by a grey, overcast sky and plankton bloom, which constrained the photography to macro shots.
    • They ran in silence with their unresolved arguments hanging over them like the grey, dreary overcast sky.
    • Despite overcast skies, the rain held off and the day was enjoyed by all who attended.
    • Conditions were in contrast to the recent good Irish weather; overcast skies, cool temperatures and a slight headwind, which suited the Irish.
    • Though the overcast sky threatens rain at some later point in the day, the early afternoon is still pleasant enough for sitting outdoors.
    • There were overcast skies, intermittent rain and heavy mists.
    • The overcast sky lingered, threatening to rain again.
    • A fine, misty rain fell lightly from the overcast sky, which hung in a looming shade of dull grey.
    • The glitz and glamour was in stark contrast to the mostly dull, overcast weather.
    • The sky was overcast and cloudy, and a thick fog blanketed everything.
    • The Jamaicans were frozen, despite the overcast weather.
    • The overcast sky and the foggy shoreline sandwiched the towering city behind them whilst the four travelers made their way down the beach to the water.
    • Rolling over and stretching, she reached for the nearest curtain and threw it back, letting in a dark light, due to the overcast skies and rainy weather.
    • In spite of the overcast skies and chilly weather, the Scots came through on top, beating the Cobbers 4-0.
    • It was a grey day with an overcast sky, the sort of day when nothing looks very good.

transitive verb

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