Translation of overdraw in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əʊvəˈdrɔː//ˌoʊvərˈdrɔ/

transitive verboverdrew, overdrawn

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    I'm overdrawn estoy sobregirado
    • customers who overdraw their accounts los clientes que giran al descubierto / que sobregiran su cuenta
    • Today you're even more stressed because you're overdrawn and have to make a deposit by noon or your bank will bounce your mortgage payment.
    • At its most extreme, the practice leaves victims in the nightmarish situation of having their bank accounts overdrawn by many thousands of pounds without their knowledge.
    • A friend overdraws her checking account because she thought there was more money in it.
    • I would have to help my father out with that couple thousand dollars when he was overdrawn at the bank.
    • It so happens that there are no sums at present in hand, but on the contrary the sum of £890 is overdrawn at the bank.
    • We are now overdrawn on our bank account and it has put us in financially difficulty, not to mention all the stress and worry it has caused.
    • For customers who are overdrawn, each withdrawal is charged at €0.23 with no minimum fee applied.
    • If the account is overdrawn, the bank's claim against A is reduced, or A obtains a debt claim against the bank.
    • Check with your provider if you know you will be overdrawn - it could save you money.
    • I look at it about once a month, when I get a statement, just to see if I'm overdrawn.
    • It also gives a warning if you overdraw your account.
    • When something bad happens - your boss chews you out or you discover your bank account is overdrawn again - you may need to take time to step back from the situation.
    • If you overdraw your account, deposit money as soon as possible to avoid additional overdrafts and fees.
    • But the New York University student's holiday mood soured a few days later when he received a notice from Pittsburgh's PNC Bank that he had overdrawn the funds in his checking account.
    • You are in danger of overdrawing your checking account.
    • She also knew that she did not have the bank's authority to issue cheques when her account was overdrawn.
    • To avoid paying surcharge interest and irregular account charges, never allow your account to be overdrawn without making arrangements with your branch in advance.
    • Getting too little sleep creates a ‘sleep debt,’ which is much like being overdrawn at a bank.
    • I have no money after barely managing to scrape the rent together last Friday, and my bank account is woefully overdrawn.
    • The average account customer is overdrawn for 80 days in every year, so it affects a lot of people.
    • If the account is overdrawn, the bank becomes the creditor and the customer the debtor.
    • Think of it like a bank account which has been overdrawn.
    • The department's bank account was overdrawn by R40m, which is a gross violation of Treasury regulations.
    • He said as many as 4,000 people manipulated the system to overdraw their bank accounts by at least $1,000.
    • They also tend to snowball so that people can end up being charged more than £100 by the time they realise their account is overdrawn - and that's on top of the interest.
    • We are now overdrawn in our bank account because we are living on such a tight budget and rely on the tax credits.
    • His personal bank account was £21,000 overdrawn and over the agreed limit.
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    (description) recargar
    • Once again, one must be careful not to overdraw the argument.
    • Its emphasis on the self-regulating and potentially liberating character of traditional law is often overdrawn.
    • Are those sorts of games significant, or do you think that they're overdrawn by media commentators?
    • The ‘negative’ characters in the film are somewhat overdrawn.
    • The extent of this schizophrenia should not be overdrawn, but the potential existed for conflicting positions to reify.
    • It would be a mistake, however, to overdraw the distinctions I have made here, for to do so would only conceal the blurriness of this birth control clinic world.
    • Critics have argued that the work's thesis regarding the advent of the totally administered society is overdrawn.
    • This contrast seems overdrawn in both directions.
    • Historical fiction runs the risk of degenerating into joining the dots of known facts with overdrawn, sentimentalised characters.
    • I had been contacted by Mr. Mailander with some of these suspicions a few days previously, and had responded then that I thought some of them were overdrawn.
    • The contrast between institution and occupation is easy to overdraw, of course.
    • The characters are overdrawn to the point where they're just not real, and they really go nowhere.
    • The coincidental use of the same comparison is as amusing as it is overdrawn.
    • While the battle prose is excellent, the language describing noncombat scenes is sometimes tortured and overdrawn.

intransitive verboverdrew, overdrawn


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