Translation of overdrive in Spanish:


superdirecta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊvərˌdraɪv//ˈəʊvədrʌɪv/


  • 1

    superdirecta feminine
    in overdrive en superdirecta
    • the body's immune system goes into overdrive el sistema inmunológico del organismo se pone a trabajar a toda marcha
    • It's gone on for so long now that I really can't remember when it started, although I suppose that if I cast my mind back everything probably went into overdrive at the end of August.
    • As Ireland went into overdrive after the break, it was hard to believe they had been involved in such a scrap earlier on.
    • My mind sped on overdrive for the next week as summer came looming.
    • They went into overdrive, portraying her as a gold-digging divorcee.
    • While the gin bottles diminished at an ever-increasing rate in the living-room, the dishwasher went into overdrive in the kitchen.
    • However, during the few weeks when a trip to Kazakhstan remained a possibility, the football branch of our journalistic fraternity went into overdrive.
    • They scored only one point in the remaining minutes while Mayo went into overdrive.
    • Throughout the latter part of the 1990's the markets surged ahead, generating untold wealth for some people as all stocks went into overdrive.
    • Meinertzhagen went into overdrive, working day and night to persuade staff and clients to stay.
    • I thought I was doing quite well until late yesterday evening it became clear that my heart was not at all happy with the heat, and I had an uncomfortable half hour while it went into overdrive in protest.
    • Many Sunday papers went into overdrive with special editions and extensive coverage charting her long life.
    • Asylum-seeker hysteria went into overdrive last week in England.
    • The media went into overdrive at least a week in advance with daily warnings about the ‘big freeze’ to come.
    • The machine in her mind switched gears and ground into overdrive.
    • But the European regulations kicked the effort into overdrive.
    • The rumour mill went into overdrive and the identity of her alleged attacker was said to be a well-known secret in London's close-knit television community.
    • ‘Timing constraints threw this program into overdrive,’ he says.
    • Days after the wedding, the mania went into overdrive.
    • It was such a simple question, but I had never been asked anything of the sort and it sent me into an overdrive.
    • She flawlessly depicts a girl on the edge whose rebellion, in overdrive, is fueling self-destructive behavior.