Translation of overfamiliar in Spanish:


demasiado conocido, adj.

Pronunciation /əʊvəfəˈmɪlɪə//ˌoʊvərfəˈmɪljər/


  • 1

    (tune/slogan) demasiado conocido
    to be overfamiliar with sth estar demasiado familiarizado con algo
    • But don't think for a minute that the novelist of his generation is going to take lying down the criticism of his new book, from those early whispers of overfamiliar themes to that embargo-busting kicking.
    • That being said, though, I think my bodiless namesake hits the nail on the head when he points out that the concept is already overfamiliar, even if this is the character's film debut.
    • Unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to the main story, which is (to be kind) overfamiliar.
    • It allowed people to look in, and it really made them overfamiliar to the public.
    • Most Hollywood films, particularly science fiction films, are these days a mass of overfamiliar and uncredited cliches that have been ripped off and merged together, usually not very intelligently.
  • 2

    (salesman) que se toma demasiadas confianzas
    (salesman) confianzudo Latin America
    (manner/tone) demasiado informal