Translation of overfeed in Spanish:


sobrealimentar, v.

Pronunciation /əʊvəˈfiːd//ˌoʊvərˈfid/

transitive verboverfed

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    • Some may be based on birds in captivity in Europe that were unintentionally overfed, and fattened up beyond what would occur in nature.
    • ‘As the snake will initially refuse food, the collector will overfeed it,’ he said, adding that this would eventually kill the animal.
    • Experience had taught her not to overfeed a starving body.
    • Overtired and overfed politicians negotiate stupendous sums of other people's money into the night, finally agreeing to any nonsense so as to get home for Christmas.
    • I'm overfed, but all I have to do is look at generations of my family to know I'll never be svelte.
    • Children should never be overfed by comparing them with the neighbour's child, he said.
    • Bottle-fed babies are often overfed because parents encourage babies to empty the entire bottle.
    • So far as I know, the cat has only been overfed twice since I've taken on the job of principal feeder.
    • Those who can eat a lot have a natural advantage over those with smaller appetites - it's easier to grow when you naturally overfeed your body.
    • Also, eating smaller meals ensures that you won't overfeed yourself, whereas the excess calories would likely be stored as fat.
    • On the flip side, if you overfeed Carl, he'll get fat.
    • Many of the birds might have overfed themselves as Richter said some had difficulty getting out of the breakers at times.
    • Anybody who has some understanding of the animal kingdom will recognise that the worst thing a dog owner can do to a pet is overfeed it.
    • However, the animals' prediabetic symptoms came on suddenly, after 16 weeks of being overfed.
    • Not only are our kids overfed on junk food and fast food, they are fast becoming victims of the techno age.
    • We seem to have learned from last year's experience not to overfeed the pigs even if they do look hungry!
    • The equines were not allowed to be touched without permission, and were not to be overfed on treats.
    • According to veterinarians surveyed, more than half of the nation's cats and dogs are overfed, which can lead to health problems.
    • She obsesses about its feeding schedule but in fact most pet fish are overfed anyway.
    • Hal then begins to overfeed the dogs, thinking that this would give them more strength when all they needed was a good rest from such a tedious schedule.