Translation of overfill in Spanish:


llenar hasta desbordar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈfɪl//əʊvəˈfɪl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    llenar hasta desbordar
    • Don't allow your waiter to overfill wine glasses.
    • The room, which holds a thousand people, was overfilled.
    • That unsafe combination could allow a negligent fill technician to overfill the tank dangerously.
    • ‘When we filled the hole we overfilled it to allow for settlement and since then have raked over the ground in the past year to level it out,’ he added.
    • Looking down for a second to catch myself before I overfilled my tank, I withdrew the pump and stuffed my receipt in my pocket before I looked back up.
    • Nora came into the kitchen to pour herself some milk and overfilled the glass.
    • Other snaps show rubbish in black bin bags in back lanes, a problem he said was caused by a minority of residents who overfill bins or put them out too early.
    • Not all readers will have the patience for this approach, but those willing to surrender themselves to the author's relaxed tone will find this an enjoyable, if slightly overfilled book.
    • Fill or slightly overfill the crack and then smooth it with a wetted trowel or block of wood.
    • If the foam gasket between the back side of the tub and the fitting at the top of the drain assembly is dry or disintegrating, you can have a major leak if the tub is overfilled.
    • Many boats ‘burp’ fuel from their air vents during fueling, and boaters commonly overfill their tanks, spilling fuel out into the water.
    • Do not wrap any of the items individually and do not overfill the box.
    • So, in one of Henry James's novels, much is revealed when the heroine, out of character, overfills a cup of tea.
    • No one is singled out by not having their rubbish removed, but if the bin is overfilled, then it won't be emptied.
    • What are the council trying to tell us - cut our waste down by half so that we don't overfill our bins?
    • He said bonuses were also part of the reason some jobs were overfilled.
    • Bethany laughed as she overfilled Olivia's cup.
    • To avoid spills, do not top off or overfill your vehicle.
    • People are concerned about smells, flies and vermin, not to mention what will happen if they overfill their bins.
    • This is probably one of the busiest routes in Bradford and it is extremely dangerous to overfill these tiny little buses.