Translation of overfish in Spanish:


pescar en exceso en, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈfɪʃ//əʊvəˈfɪʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    pescar en exceso en
    sobrepescar en
    (cod/tuna) pescar en exceso
    (tuna/cod) sobrepescar
    the North Sea has been overfished for decades durante décadas se ha pescado en exceso / se ha sobrepescado en el Mar del Norte
    • Some populations of sea cucumbers have been overfished, which has an effect on the ecosystem.
    • As worldwide demand for fish increases, the stocks of some species have been overfished.
    • Now, 200 years later, all five species of Pacific salmon have been overfished, and the great dams of the Columbia and the Snake have driven many runs to extinction.
    • ‘The fish can grow to over 2 meters but it's being overfished in many parts of the southern ocean,’ he said.
    • More than half of the known, managed, major fish species in U.S. waters are not overfished.
    • The sole stock is overfished and it could take between seven and eight years for the cod stock to recover.
    • Catches are mostly inside safe biological limits, but some stocks are overfished.
    • The agency says white marlin have been overfished for 30 years and mortality is seven times higher than acceptable levels.
    • When sharks are overfished, a cascade of effects can lead to a depletion of important grazers of plant life.
    • North Atlantic swordfish faced similar peril in the 1990's, having for decades been severely overfished and mismanaged nearly to the point of commercial extinction.
    • Try to find out which type of fish is environmentally sustainable and which is being overfished and you enter a murky, swirling netherworld of mysterious claims and counter-claims.
    • And there is no doubt that these boats are now overfishing the yellowfin tuna resource.
    • The blue marlin stock in the Atlantic has probably been overfished for the last 10-15 years.
    • ‘Bluefin is an overfished stock and quite in bad shape,’ he said, adding that because it is a temperate-water fish and grows slowly, it is in particular danger of being overfished.
    • Ironically, the new technology takes away the competitive edge of these experienced fishermen and makes it easier for a population to be overfished, but it can also create win-win situations.