Translation of overflow in Spanish:


derramarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈfloʊ//əʊvəˈfləʊ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (liquid) derramarse
    (liquid) desbordarse
    (bucket/bath/river) desbordarse
    the party had overflowed into the garden la fiesta se había extendido al jardín
    • overflowing ashtrays ceniceros rebosantes de colillas
    • to fill sth to overflowing llenar algo hasta el borde
    • Suddenly realizing that the water was overflowing, she poured out a bit and wiped off the edges of the mug with a cloth.
    • Soon, tears overflowed and rolled down my cheeks.
    • In any case, the collectors didn't come on Friday, so the bin was still overflowing when we got home from work.
    • My shelves are full, my bookcase is full, my drawers are overflowing, I have a zillion boxes of stuff and yet more stuff all over the floor.
    • Many buildings were flooded, school pupils and teachers were evacuated, and dams overflowed.
    • There are big storms up here, and the drains and gutters overflowed and flooded the mall.
    • Now, those pumps could themselves be underwater if the river overflowed its banks.
    • Many readers have complained their bins are now overflowing and the council admits it has received hundreds of inquiries and complaints.
    • Most pages will also contain river and stream stage information and show at what water level rivers will overflow their banks.
    • Actually, the river has already overflowed once, and there are further warnings of possible floods.
    • The sewage overflows from a manhole on a footpath in the second road of the estate.
    • Drains overflow, road surfaces are washed away and traffic signals stop working.
    • My closet and drawers are literally overflowing with ancient artifacts with little or nothing known about their origins.
    • Many can't afford to have the septic tanks emptied regularly, so they fill and overflow into the street.
    • Water surged up through ruptures in the pavement, gushed up through culverts and overflowed into the street.
    • The problems started on Sunday night when the water-heating unit malfunctioned and hot water overflowed into the cold tank, Mr Chapman said.
    • She looked up at him and let her fist angrily splash the water, not caring if the water overflowed onto the floor.
    • Giles said he was running a bath and it had almost overflowed.
    • Linen bags were also overflowing on half of the wards.
    • As a result of a tap being left on in the top floor lavatory water overflowed and damaged some of the plaintiff's stock on the second floor.
    • Swollen rivers overflowed and flooded roads, homes, yards and underpasses.
    • Common failings included forgotten scraps of food in refrigerators, fridges not being at the required temperature and waste bins overflowing.
    • Sewers overflowed and mixed with rainwater and entered houses through drain pipes.
    • After the river water overflowed the banks, it proceeded northward.
    • Waste overflowed into the Swan River in Warminster after a blockage in the sewers underneath nearby playing fields.
    • Slow progress was made, but we managed to get to the bathtub before the water overflowed.
    • According to Mrs Bennett, the drains overflow five or six times a year.
    • Sewage overflowed into wash basins at West Middlesex Hospital following a blockage in one of the toilets.
    • The walls were lined with book cases, which were full to the brim, and overflowing onto the floor.
    • The neighbours say their drains overflow every four months.
    • The present situation is that the dam is already overflowing and it is obvious that more rain is coming.
    • My green bin is now overflowing but has never been emptied.
    • About 60,000 residents in the province have been transferred to safe areas during the past few days after sections of the swelling Lihe River overflowed and parts of the embankment burst.
    • Even a midsize or small river can overflow into streets if a storm causes the water level to rise quickly.
    • Around them, ashtrays overflow, piled high, one on top of the other.
    • If a heavy rain fills the reservoir, the water overflows into a perforated pipe that zigzags under the garden.
    • The water overflowed in the hand, going straight out to either side as the streams of water continuously added their masses together.
    • He said the bin was overflowing in January but disappeared mysteriously.
    • Not only was my Green Box overflowing, but next to it were two black sacks full of paper.
    • Yet at the time of writing these ponds have already overflowed twice.
  • 2

    (be more than full of)
    to overflow with sth
    • the house is overflowing with junk la casa está hasta el techo de cachivaches
    • she was overflowing with happiness estaba rebosante de felicidad

transitive verb

  • 1

    (flow over)
    the river overflowed its banks el río desbordó su cauce / se salió de madre
  • 2literary

    (inundate, flood)


  • 1

    we put a bowl there to catch the overflow pusimos un bol para recoger el líquido que se derramaba / que salía
    • the overflow from the church stood outside los que no cabían en la iglesia se quedaron fuera
    • before noun overflow meeting reunión organizada para dar cabida al excedente de asistentes a la reunión principal
  • 2

    rebosadero masculine
    before noun overflow pipe tubo de desagüe masculine
    • This causes problems around culverts, overflow pipes, and other water conduits.
    • Your bath should have an overflow to meet modern plumbing regulations.
    • The trouble started last Wednesday when we got home to find the overflow pipe gushing water from the side of the house.
    • They broke the wire fence to the play area along with the overflow pipe to the drinking fountain.
    • Owing to these considerations, I am still persuaded that exterior termination of the overflow pipe is the more practical solution.
    • Position the valve so that the overflow pipe is next to the ballcock.
    • When the water got cold I kicked the faucet and let it run until water gurgled into the overflow.
    • When we checked with the building department, the local inspector told us that the water heater is correctly installed and that the overflow pipe complies with the intent of the building code.
  • 3

    desbordamiento masculine
    • A properly exploited buffer overflow could allow a hacker to gain root, or superuser, access to a Sendmail server.
    • For example, a single application may require a host server along with dedicated servers for testing, quality control, overflow, mirroring, and so on.
    • It's a simple buffer overflow, and should be patched within days.
    • This may result in unexpected application behavior, accessing a defunct application, incomplete database records or buffer overflow.
    • Security tools vendor ISS warns that ‘vulnerability is a standard stack overflow, and therefore it may be relatively easy to exploit’.