Translation of overhang in Spanish:


sobresalir por encima de, v.

Pronunciation /əʊvəˈhaŋ//ˌoʊvərˈhæŋ/

transitive verboverhung

  • 1

    sobresalir por encima de
    the crag that overhangs the north face el peñasco que sobresale por encima de la cara norte
    • willow trees overhang the lake unos sauces se inclinan sobre el lago

intransitive verboverhung

  • 1

    he tried to grab an overhanging branch trató de agarrarse de una rama que colgaba por encima


  • 1

    saliente masculine
    saliente feminine Latin America
    (of roof) alero masculine
    Motor Vehicles voladizo masculine
    • We swoop down a canyon to see fronds of black coral growing beneath a slight overhang.
    • To find some colour, I settle to looking beneath overhangs and under boulders
    • At one point, a huge puffer vied for attention with an even bigger hogfish, while an eagle ray dug into the sand beneath an overhang of soft corals.
    • She walked beneath the overhang, and stepped up the curb.
    • If you're lucky an eagle ray might cruise past, or you could find a turtle snoozing beneath an overhang.
    • They stood beneath the overhang for a moment, then stepped out into the rain.
    • The bandits looked up to see a teenage boy hanging by his feet from the overhang.
    • Voices sounded loud and hard beneath the concrete overhang.
    • Turtles rest on the reef top or on ledges beneath coral overhangs, though they can often be seen cruising along the reef edge.
    • Looking towards the mountain above, he saw an overhang with a ledge below it containing a large nest.
    • The rocks are slightly undercut, with small shrimps and anemones beneath the overhangs.
    • Her mother pulled the van to a stop beneath the overhang.
    • Hanging from an overhang by a bare knuckle with not so much as a carabiner, let alone a safety net to halt your fall, I hear you gasp.
    • He tethered the horses in a cleft beneath the overhang and went to cut some pine boughs.
    • Adam stalked beneath the porch overhang, headed for his horse.
    • The roof overhang does not extend the living accommodation and the external width is otherwise only 1 inch in excess of the statutory limit.
    • Rick had been hoping to show me some caves beneath the overhang.
    • The foxes aren't thought to dig much - they live in dens under bushes or rock overhangs.
    • After installing the bolt, I clipped it with a short sling to allow the rope to run freely beneath the overhang.
    • Twisting beneath waterfalls and rocky overhangs, an unprotected drop-off to near certain death is a constant travel companion.