Translation of overkill in Spanish:


sobrecapacidad de exterminación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊvərˌkɪl//ˈəʊvəkɪl/


  • 1

    sobrecapacidad de exterminación
    • The main consideration was to avoid weapon overkill.
    • Despite his sense of legality, he could resort to dramatic displays of armed might and air power to quell internal opposition with literal overkill.
  • 2

    exageración feminine
    • The screen is a bit of overkill because the audience is not that far from the center of action on the hot shop floor.
    • While it may seem like overkill, the military was finally satisfied.
    • Sitting through the whole thing might feel like overkill.
    • In some cases, this approach is necessary, but many times it's overkill.
    • However, I agree that this is probably overkill in this case.
    • But that response turned out to be overkill when the usual large dose of morphine did not follow the initial small injection.
    • For a band that had one single in them, getting the full reissue treatment seems a bit like overkill.
    • If wiring the wine cellar for an Internet connection seems like overkill, consider the possibilities for the pampered homeowner.
    • Yet now that the government seems to be throwing its weight behind the issue, some critics call it overkill.
    • If your company's goal is to use learning as a core retention strategy, that seems like overkill.
    • A surround mix would have been nice, but probably overkill.
    • For the home user it might be a little too expensive, and even a bit of overkill.
    • They must have determined that to be overkill, because they stopped attaching the probes to their body armor at some point during the mission.
    • I understand the need to meet labelling requirements, but I suggest that maybe this is a little bit of overkill.
    • Nevertheless, one can't help but think the hordes of Canadian Mounted Police and other law enforcement personnel amounts to overkill.
    • It may be overkill, but don't tell that to the book world.
    • Lastly, this keeping of the suspense for a whole week is a bit of overkill.
    • More than eight ounces is getting too close to overkill.
    • It sounds a bit like overkill, but one on each arm, matched with front and rear lights covers all the angles.
    • Isn't adding a second bomb a bit of cinematic overkill?