Translation of overland in Spanish:


por tierra, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈəʊvəland//ˌəʊvəˈland//ˈoʊvərˌlænd/

adjective & adverb

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    por tierra
    • It first prospered as a stop at the edge of a desert stretch of The Silk Road, the ancient overland trade route between China and Europe.
    • A Pacific port at the end of an overland route short enough to be practical would revolutionize the balance of power in the Pacific, but for now the British have to make small raids at the end of a fragile supply line.
    • Burma also represented a possible overland trade route to China.
    • This could boldly circumvent taxes imposed on overland trade routes through Ottoman territories.
    • A ceremony was held last Friday to mark the formal opening of the overland route to Mt. Kumgang, which is expected to attract many tourists to the mountain resort.
    • Search and rescue teams had since been combing the area with patrols following overland the route the plane would have taken.
    • Does this writer realise that the cost of a tunnel would be far greater than the cost of an overland route?
    • Medieval Europeans had known Chinese porcelain from the overland trade through the Near East, but it was a European rarity.
    • It takes 2 days by the overland routes to reach Ladakh.
    • The firm will determine the value of the lands that the province needs to buy to create an overland route.
    • Kashmir was also a good centre for overland trade with Central Asia.
    • The letter would express concerns about environmental impacts of a proposed overland route the Ministry of Transportation is considering.
    • The province has deliberately overestimated the costs of building a tunnel, while underestimating the costs of land necessary for the overland highway route, said Wood.
    • However, juveniles and adults can both be found inland, and sightings, though rare, are so regular in fall that a small percentage of the population must use an overland migration route.
    • In a desperate effort to keep the faltering tour project afloat, both sides agreed earlier this year to build an overland route across the demilitarized zone to carry many more tourists at much cheaper prices.
    • The political disintegration closed overland trade just as Europe's new national states entered an era of exploration and colonialism.
    • The result of these links between the Upper South and the northern part of the cotton states was an overland trade that expanded markedly in the years before secession.
    • In the Middle Ages there used to be something called the Silk Road, which was an overland trade route that ran from the Atlantic shores of Morocco to the Great Wall of China.
    • Innis adds that the overland route should provide a welcome shortcut for the ‘uphill’ trip back to U.S. waters.
    • The army took the traditional overland route down the Danube River and across the Balkans to Constantinople.