Translation of overlap in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈlæp//əʊvəˈlap/

intransitive verboverlapping, overlapped

  • 1

    (planks/tiles) estar montados unos sobre otros
    (planks/tiles) traslaparse
    • An ideal location would be where the core slightly overlaps the scaled area.
    • The fish's body is covered with scales that overlap each other like the shingles on the roof of a house.
    • In Esperanto, the red, attenuated arms of a Greek cross at the center of the composition are partly overlapped by framing bars of dark and light green, which are themselves surrounded by a field of yellow.
    • Data from four plots were omitted from the analyses after a territorial boundary narrowly overlapped the southeastern corner of the unoccupied zone in 1994.
    • As an alternative to backstitching, begin the stitching right at the dots and leave thread tails to tie off; overlap the stitching where it meets at the center back.
    • Patch boundaries overlapped each other, and many contained older or younger aged patches within their boundaries.
    • The intervening age overlaps the boundary and is inferred to lie on a mixing line between the older and younger ages.
    • Select some pretty paper scraps, and overlap them on the book's cover.
    • This helps one gain an overview of the historical and theological macro-context, which overlaps the single urban center.
    • The truth is that the respective catchment areas of the three airports overlap to a vast extent.
    • If you will be using cut pieces of granite for the front edge of the counter as well, they are installed first, allowing the countertop tiles to overlap them and cover the cut edge.
    • It is partly overlapped by three pink medium-size silkscreen images of a statue of Victory on top of a column.
    • Right now the only things left are redoing the ‘about’ page and that the white part of the page sometimes overlaps the stuff on the right.
    • The physical regions of the country overlap both national boundaries and cultural regions.
    • My index finger now only overlaps my middle finger a bit, but I can't bend it at all.
    • The new writing in blue ink slightly overlapped my writing that was in pencil.
    • Patches should always be large enough to cover the damage and overlap any adjacent wood framing.
    • She folded the ends over slightly so they wouldn't overlap her head and tucked the parts of the blanket under her body snuggly.
    • During roasting, if turkey overlaps the pan rim, tuck a strip of heavy-duty foil along the sides of the pan to keep fat from dripping over.
    • The grass overlapped the curb, and covered the dry plants.
  • 2

    (responsibilities/vacations) coincidir en parte
    our vacations overlap by one week durante una semana estamos los dos de vacaciones
    • the two courses overlap los dos cursos tienen elementos en común
    • In the realm where the interest of specialists overlapped with that of a broader public, claims might be less guarded.
    • Peter, am I remembering correctly that your time as a participant at the Jan van Eyck Akademie overlapped with Jan van Toorn's final year there?
    • The house of four girls also followed this pattern and two of their three months overlapped with two of the birthday months of my house.
    • That period overlaps with the breeding period for puffins at both colonies (mid-April through late August).
    • They understand, increasingly, that Cold War approaches do not serve their national interests and that Russian and American strategic interests overlap in many areas.
    • Robinson estimates that 25 percent of the readings of the international relations course she taught this past spring overlapped with that of her colleagues' courses.
    • Additionally, individual dimensions have been shown to overlap to a high degree in adolescence.
    • They overlap in important ways, but it's a big mistake.
    • Indeed, even on some of the issues where the Left may have identified its cause, improvements were in evidence, especially where these issues overlapped with liberal ideas.
    • Although the three conceptions overlap to some extent, they involve important differences of emphasis.
    • In particular, they found that measures of working memory, attentional capacity and inhibition overlapped with measures of executive function.
    • But, since Scots' social ideals overlapped with mainstream American norms, there was never much concern over cultural dislocation.
    • The author goes on to note that many aspects of Western civilisation overlapped with fascism.
    • I realise the town has a successful rugby team but the season only overlaps for a short time.
    • A second item was dropped because the content overlapped with the central questions of the study.
    • Much of the evidence on the contempt issue overlapped with evidence relating to custody and access, so that overall the combined trial resulted in an avoidance of duplicative procedures.
    • The Tribunal decided that to some extent this consideration overlapped with the last matter.
    • The game's 7.30 am kick off, with the final whistle at 9.15 am, meant the game overlapped with the start of the school day.

transitive verboverlapping, overlapped

  • 1

    (boards/planks) colocar montados unos sobre otros
    (planks/boards) traslapar


  • 1

    there will be an inch overlap on either side se traslaparán una pulgada por cada lado
    • there are areas of overlap between the two books partes de ambos libros tratan los mismos temas
    • there will be a period of overlap between the two secretaries las dos secretarias coincidirán durante un tiempo