Translation of overload in Spanish:


sobrecargar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˌoʊvərˈloʊd//əʊvəˈləʊd/

transitive verb

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    (car/circuit/system) sobrecargar
    to overload sth with sth recargar algo de algo
    • we are overloaded with work estamos agobiados de trabajo

intransitive verb

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    • Exacerbating factors include alcohol use and vehicles that are overloaded and poorly maintained.
    • Finally, make sure that you have not overloaded any circuit or extension cord.
    • If you overload an electrical system with too much energy and too much stimulation, the circuit breaker activates and shuts everything down.
    • Although her arms were already overloaded with bags, she decided to take a chance.
    • He has a duty to ensure the vessel is not overloaded.
    • Students overload the system during winter when they all put their heaters on.
    • The cell phone system is overloaded so nobody has heard from her since 3pm.
    • A spokeswoman for Seawick blamed the power cut on Saturday's weather and said that because it was cold, a large number of appliances had been switched on at once and had overloaded the system.
    • That vehicle would be overloaded, and would only have one driver for however many people he is carrying.
    • To maximize profit, drivers often overload their vehicles, drive at high speed and stop without warning on awkward spots to pick up passengers, much to the annoyance of other motorists.
    • At this time of year especially it is very easy to overload your electrical system.
    • He said although the family's display of Christmas lights appeared to use many extension cables and double plugs, it had not overloaded the system.
    • The downside of this approach is that a high volume of network traffic can overload a system, and as a result not all packets are analyzed.
    • Residents in the neighbouring low-cost two-room houses said illegal connections caused them to suffer because they overloaded the system and caused power failures.
    • Telephone and cellphone service died, and throughout the crisis the state's special emergency communications system was either overloaded or knocked out.
    • The latter isn't hard: you don't overload the system with appliances, and make sure the solar panels are clean.
    • She should have known that the vessel was grossly and dangerously overloaded.
    • Ensure strict checks on the city outskirts to ensure that vehicles are not overloaded.
    • The boat was grossly overloaded (almost certainly deliberately), even more so than the usual refugee vessel.
    • This arrangement tends to overload the boat to port with seated passengers and will require the skipper to adjust for the load by using the hydraulic trim tabs.
    • We had received intelligence that it was very overloaded and in danger of sinking but believed it had returned to Indonesia.
    • The burden thus generated strained the available water resources and overloaded the wastewater treatment plant.
    • When the system is overloaded, many calls cannot be placed, but calls that do go through function normally.
    • Garda HQ said the system was temporarily overloaded due to a large volume of calls at the time.
    • Between the air conditioners, the fans, the humidifiers and all the usual appliances, it's not hard to overload your electrical system during the dog days of August.
    • At all costs, the vehicle must never be overloaded.
    • Police claim the boat capsized because it was grossly overloaded.
    • Newly prosperous residents have kept buying motorcycles and cars, adding, say officials, 900 vehicles a day to the already overloaded streets.
    • He was told the weight by another, but it was his responsibility to ensure the vehicle was not overloaded.
    • Your child may be emotionally overloaded by her angry feelings and a tantrum seems inevitable as a result.
    • Another concern is the large number of recreational vessels that could overload a tracking system or clog up electronic screens where hundreds of signals would show up.
    • The city's existing electrical distribution infrastructure is currently overloaded and must be upgraded to service this larger load.
    • River transport is often the only way for people to travel between towns and ferry disasters are not that rare as boats are frequently overloaded and often lack even the most rudimentary safety equipment.
    • Caravan owners have been warned that a recent police survey of vehicles revealed many were dangerously overloaded and unfit for the road.
    • Meanwhile, the servers were completely overloaded, scanning the systems and attempting to find and delete the worm.
    • Regrettably, I've still not got round to downloading it, mainly due to a slight worry that I might just overload the system.
    • Gateway is one of the few PC vendors that doesn't overload its systems with junk you may not need.
    • These calls are overloading the system, which is quite simply breaking down.
    • The catch is that the server is already overloaded.
    • Try not to overload your vehicle with too much wine, however great the temptation.


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    sobrecarga feminine