Translation of overlook in Spanish:


pasar por alto, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈlʊk//əʊvəˈlʊk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(not notice)

      (detail/mistake/object) pasar por alto
      • Numerous government officials either have stakes in the mines or are bribed to overlook regulation breaches.
      • For their part European leaders are desperate to overlook his misdemeanours in the interests of unity.
      • The appointment was unanimous and, given the nature of humanities studies, it is doubtful that the department would overlook something as important as equity policies.
      • Or, if they do, they will overlook that error in their determination to snap up some stylish, low-priced quilts, lamps and rugs.
      • However, you might be overlooking a few important facts.
      • Many of these faults could be overlooked if we actually cared about the characters.
      • However, we should not overlook what they did create in the provincial cities and industrial regions of Britain.
      • The prisoner promised that if the Magistrates would overlook the offence he would not do anything of the kind again.
      • Liberals were once happy to overlook the country's crimes, seeing only a model democratic state
      • The bill entirely overlooks this important requirement.
      • The concerns of early childhood educators, however, appear to have been overlooked in this discussion.
      • First it confirms that they are in the vast majority - a fact often overlooked.
      • Protection of health care workers during the decontamination process is important and frequently overlooked.
      • All of these goofs can be overlooked due to the sheer likeability of the script and actors.
      • A fact often overlooked is that Ruth hit his 714 homers in 8,399 at-bats.
      • Line-of-business managers may overlook risks or fail to alert higher-ups when they do see them.
      • A fundamental shift in the nature of migration has been largely overlooked by policy-makers.
      • The world teaches us to live in denial and overlook the faults and failings that keep us from loving.
      • We need to have the spirit of forgiveness for our brethren and overlook small mistakes which happen during the running of organisations.
      • Longstanding ties often led us to overlook the faults of local elites.
      • However, while you are quick to overlook faults, the Thinker can be overly critical.
      • Atrocities are overlooked and nobody seems to be a credible witness.
      • We are particularly concerned with efficiency values, an aspect that is frequently overlooked.
      • The five steps seem simple, even obvious, but consider how often they're overlooked in public debate.
      • That does not require them either to assume that it is faultless or to overlook its faults.
      • Second, it overlooks the fact that, by knowing a few important things, one can know the many less important things that follow from them.
      • Even if it is cheese of the lowest order, it is still cheese, and therefore we can overlook many of its faults.
      • We shouldn't overlook the error by finding it tiny in comparison to his crushing worldwide agenda.
      • In contrast, the auditor will be prepared to overlook immaterial errors in financial statements and in underlying records.
      • Oddly enough, you sometimes overlook important details or fail completely to see and understand the other person's point of view.
      • In many situations where one group is the majority, they often overlook the important contributions of other members of society.
      • I worry that we overlook important considerations when we equate care for adults with care for children.
      • Both are interesting (and were largely overlooked at the time).
      • However, these complaints can be overlooked due to the sheer zeal the movie radiates.
      • Regrettably, the debate is so laden with emotions and self-serving arguments that the facts are often overlooked.
      • I think, however, that he overlooks an important third possibility - inadequate nutrition in utero.
      • Many researchers into the UFO enigma tend to overlook a very important fact.
      • The conflict of interest with him owning a private ambulance service was conveniently overlooked.
      • Ignoring these inconsistencies to savour the flavour of the novel may not induce a reader to overlook the errors that may have crept in during translation or copyediting.
      • He was, and is, a good man, but no man is good enough to overlook every fault, especially something like this.

    • 1.2(disregard)

      (fault/misdemeanor) disculpar
      (misdemeanor/fault) dejar pasar

    • 1.3(pass over)

      he was overlooked for promotion no lo tuvieron en cuenta para el ascenso

  • 2

    (have view over)
    the room overlooks the valley desde la habitación se domina el valle
    • a room overlooking the sea una habitación con vista al mar / que da al mar
    • the garden is not overlooked el jardín no se ve desde ninguno de los edificios que lo rodean



  • 1

    vista feminine
    scenic overlook panorama masculine