Translation of overnight in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊvənʌɪt//ˌoʊvərˈnaɪt//əʊvəˈnʌɪt/


  • 1

    (through the night)
    to stay overnight hacer noche
    • we'll travel overnight viajaremos durante la noche
    • there had been a heavy fall of snow overnight durante la noche había nevado mucho
    • soak the chickpeas overnight ponga los garbanzos en remojo la noche anterior
  • 2

    (change/disappear) de la noche a la mañana
    • Men and women will mature quickly, almost overnight, but not for thirty years.
    • New Orleans won't disappear overnight, of course.
    • This was just a few years after Lord Byron woke to find Child Harold's Pilgrimage in the bookshops and himself famous, as it were, overnight.
    • But he became famous overnight as audiences began to know a Chinese man who sang on Broadway.
    • It wouldn't be abolished overnight, of course, but phased out over time.
    • If we had drugs tests in telly, of course the industry would collapse overnight.
    • He became famous overnight and was commissioned the rest of the series, another 69 known prints.
    • The political landscape was changed completely overnight, and voters expected Britain to change almost as quickly.
    • Pop culture trends are notoriously fickle, of course, and tastes can change overnight.
    • ‘We know this is not achievable overnight, but what we want is full implementation as quickly as possible,’ she said.
    • Of course, masses of women won't be sweeping into boardrooms overnight.
    • The transformation did not, of course, happen overnight.
    • Of course, such tasks cannot be achieved overnight.
    • The strict regime of the marriage vows broke my marriage and my husband became a person who seemed to change overnight.
    • She had heard about growing good at things quickly, but overnight?
    • Build stuff quickly, but you do not have to do everything overnight.
    • Word spread quickly and farm tours had overnight became an alternative enterprise.
    • The boy will have become famous overnight, too.
    • Of course this did not happen overnight, but the issue has come to a head in recent months.
    • But of course it isn't going to happen overnight.


  • 1

    (through the night)
    (journey) de noche
    (stay) de una noche
    we made an overnight stop in London paramos una noche en Londres
    • The other five people did not need medical assistance and were offered overnight accommodation locally.
    • But after an 18-month struggle with red tape, a Hull nursery is to become the first in the UK to offer overnight accommodation for toddlers.
    • I'm sure that I saw Jack put a black beret and a striped jumper into his overnight bag and he's been brushing up his O-level French.
    • The sites comprising Vimy and Helles barracks also boast excellent catering facilities along with dormitory-style overnight accommodation.
    • Thursday Night Miss Winger called to say that Alison should pack an overnight bag.
    • You should also carry an overnight bag with a change of play clothes, a swimsuit, nightclothes and diapers for each child so that you can make your kids comfortable immediately upon arriving.
    • And around 64 per cent of all visitors stayed in overnight accommodation while enjoying the musical delights on offer.
    • ‘I need to bathe the children and wash all these clothes,’ S. called to me as the older of the little girls and I hauled out their overnight bag.
    • In 2002, 4.6 million tourists visited the country and stayed in overnight accommodation.
    • A must-have for every suitcase or overnight bag!
    • Although I expected that both my girlfriend and her brother would be staying for a few days, they had only brought overnight bags, packed sparingly, if the weight was any indication.
    • As you point out, it might have been overnight accommodation by a bank.
    • One is the disbursement of about $3,500 for a trip to Houston with overnight accommodation.
    • With a nimble sidestep, I directed the hunched teenage rider neatly under my outstretched arm holding my overnight bag until, in a flash, he vanished in the swirl of cars, taxis and buses.
    • She got out of bed quickly, and padded over to her overnight bag.
    • The Evening Press has teamed up with the Fulford designer outlet to send a coachload of youngsters to the Dome in London's Greenwich - with overnight accommodation thrown in.
    • These include overnight accommodation courtesy of The Grange Hotel in Clifton, York, with a meal for two at its exclusive Ivy Brasserie.
    • For their efforts they won return flights from Kerry to Dublin and overnight accommodation and the competition was sponsored by Kerry Airport.
    • Residents were transported to an emergency centre set up at Falinge Park High School, from which some were shifted to temporary overnight accommodation.
  • 2

    (change/success) repentino
    she became an overnight sensation de la noche a la mañana, empezó a causar sensación
    • Because you and I both know that there are idiots roaming around out there who would see it as the ultimate quick fix, an overnight solution to a life that hasn't quite gone to plan.
    • It's been 25 years and it's been slow, not instant, overnight stuff.
    • I must have looked puzzled at his sudden, overnight turnaround in demeanour, because he immediately adopted a genuinely apologetic expression.
    • The wealth scale is off the charts: instant wealth; overnight wealth.
    • Some people perceive you as this overnight sensation who's all of a sudden in these great movies, yet you've been acting for a number of years.
    • ‘This is not an overnight quick fix,’ Dr Khouri said.
    • Still, his adventure turned him into an overnight celebrity.
    • From the outside, the story always reads like an overnight sensation - as if the egg had suddenly and radically altered itself into a chicken.
    • But after a sudden act of violence involving the gun, Harry becomes an overnight celebrity.
    • Remember that overnight success usually takes 15 years.
    • So now that you are dating Daniel, do you start to feel the changes of becoming an overnight celebrity?
    • Although this is the first time I have mentioned my plan of getting married, this was not a hasty overnight decision.
    • And to be sure, they read tales of quick riches and overnight fame.
    • But often a sudden, overnight brand sensation is something that defies convention.
    • You will not become an overnight success, an instant millionaire or an Oscar winning actor.
    • The series also underlines the pitfalls inherent in a burning desire to become an overnight celebrity.
    • Babu's weapon is humility, a rarity in these times of overnight celebrities.
    • This revolution, like any other, was not a sudden overnight affair, but a culmination of processes.
    • In all likelihood, we may become overnight celebrities thanks to the media hype, even if we were foiled in our daring plans.
    • His second career was in journalism, a field in which he achieved overnight celebrity as a war correspondent.

transitive verb


  • 1

    (convey at night)
    transportar durante la noche
    • That same day, the caller overnighted a check for $200,000, allowing the foundation to renew its lease for another three years.
    • Over a period of three months, Etessami customized his program for Rug World, overnighting diskettes to Shallenberger.
    • Called my agent this morning to get the address so I could ship it to Random, and they said: we'll overnight it!
    • Each weekly issue is published late Tuesday night, and orders can be overnighted Wednesday morning to ensure arrival for Friday or Saturday night shows.
    • We reached the doctor at his home - he had reported it lost two weeks earlier, a stunning comment on the hotel's cleaning and security staff - and we overnighted his wallet to him.
    • I hope he clips and overnights a few feathers from it so I'll have a piece of the trophy.
    • The data net is so low-tech that it has to overnight mug shots of terrorists to far-flung offices.
    • Now he can glide elegantly through the departures lounge safe in the knowledge that his laptop is snugly overnighted.
    • It's too bad Amazon cannot overnight a sense of perspective, because there are, in truth, tougher situations to find yourself in.
    • If you're a UK Reseller with a desperate need to overnight your laptop, then this competition's for you.
    • They're overnighting it to me here in Philadelphia.
    • The next day, I overnighted the camera back to my parents so they could return it to the store within the 10-day return policy.
    • But from what I'm seeing on the web, he seems to be a rather interesting fellow… And his publicist is overnighting me a DVD of his, so that should educational.
    • So I paid to overnight it back for repair and waited to see what would happen, how long all this would take, and most importantly how much I was going to get soaked.
    • We believe the combined company will post revenue of $3.7bn in 2012 but are willing to lower this forecast if IDC overnights a check.
    • So he overnighted it and I read it on the subway to the gym.
    • I overnighted it and then began the hellish torment of Jeff from Reliance as I repeatedly harassed him about sending the armor out.
    • The co-owner of You Send Me, a stationery company in Chattanooga, Tenn., cut an outing short to sign off on a package of proofs that had been overnighted, ASAP.
    • Jan. 12 - USA WEEKEND overnights magazine and letter to affected newspapers.
    • It was forced to spend tons of money to overnight gear and to placate the channel.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (stay for the night)
    pasar la noche
    hacer noche
    pernoctar formal
    • Well located for overnighting before you start.
    • Foreigners are not allowed to overnight on islands inhabited by Maldivians and special permission is required to visit them.
    • And people do not like overnighting in Antigua.
    • Zhaoqing, Deqing, Fengkai, Babu, Pingshi… We overnight in towns that I've never heard of before.
    • Referring to the location he wrote: ‘It is bizarre… you can't help wondering who in their right minds would want to stay here, other than businessman overnighting in Bedfordshire.’
    • Be sure to overnight in one of the bed and breakfast cottages or inns that are a distinguishing feature of Tasmanian travel.
    • Their first port of call on Wednesday morning after overnighting in the Seven Oaks was the Arboretum lifestyle and garden centre in Leighlinbridge.
    • After Jeremy had once more led a charge over the side into the bay for yet another dip, we enjoyed an on-board barbeque before overnighting on Waiheke Island.
    • We were overnighting here, so we had two days to venture forth.
    • ‘They were on the dirt taxiway between the airstrip and the game lodge where my passengers were overnighting,’ he recounts.
    • Well, on my way back to ‘The Rock’, I had to overnight in Antigua.
    • Or you can simply overnight in a street parking space in any of Europe's fascinating cities.
    • Hundreds of trucks trundle this road daily, the vehicles' drivers overnighting in towns like Kombolcha.
    • This will involve developing the area as ideal for horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, with overnighting in tented camps along the banks of the river.
    • Mattresses were for sitting on during the day and sleeping on at night, since there were no lodges or hotels for overnighting.
    • An August snowstorm forced us to overnight at the ‘hotel’ on the top of L' Iseran making for a tricky descent the following morning on the icy road.
    • Both sets of plants are now overnighting in the greenhouse to let them settle into their new pots.
    • Last night, two people overnighted in accident and emergency and on Sunday, there was a spillover of 12 there.
    • Later in the day, one of the workers was told by mobile phone that the boat had broken down and they would have to overnight on the island.
    • She praised her neighbours who came to her aid, adding that she was overnighting at the home of one of them.