Translation of overpower in Spanish:


dominar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈpaʊ(ə)r//əʊvəˈpaʊə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (render helpless)
    they overpowered the guards and planted the bomb maniataron (or dejaron sin sentido etc.) a los guardias y pusieron la bomba
    • we were overpowered by our attackers los asaltantes pudieron más que nosotros
    • I will overpower them with a combination of superior size, balance and condition.
    • He had said that just before she had managed to overpower him and break his leg.
    • If the opponent cannot control you through a grip, he cannot overpower you or apply his technique.
    • No matter how much weight training you put the ant through, its strength will still be overpowered by the sheer weight of the sack of rice.
    • He overpowers tackles at the point of attack with his strength and leverage.
    • Brown has the strength and toughness to overpower defenders.
    • The strength of a single human will had been overpowered and broken by a far larger, inhuman force.
    • After fruitless attempts by police to lure the man out of his house, they broke the door down and overpowered him.
    • It is primarily a defensive position, but allows you to control a suspect that has overpowered you.
    • He threatened you and used his physical strength and size to overpower you.
    • The only reason that we were being beaten so badly was the drow were overpowering us with their teamwork.
    • His control also is very good, though he won't overpower many hitters.
    • Both like to overpower cornerbacks with their size and strength and use their speed to get downfield.
    • They would overpower you with their strength and their will and the sheer pace of their play.
    • You must earn the horse's respect, not overpower him with strength.
    • He didn't even fight back and he easily overpowered her in the strength department.
    • And before they reached the floor of the den, the lions overpowered them and crushed all their bones.
    • I struggled against this restriction, but his strength far overpowered mine.
    • He is hated for being a rich bully who uses his strength and wealth to overpower those who are weaker and poorer than he is.
    • In the end, our forces overpowered the mother ship and seized the controls.
  • 2

    (affect greatly)
    (sound) aturdir
    (smell) marear
    (heat) sofocar
    (heat) agobiar
    (emotion) abrumar
    he tends to overpower people at first suele apabullar / intimidar a la gente al principio
    • The sadness is overpowering, like all-day darkness of a winter polar station.
    • The fumes were overpowering and the engines made a terrible racket.
    • The latter feeling quickly overpowered the former as the intimidating thought of starting her life over filled her mind.
    • The sauce was sensational; rich and intensely flavoured, it enhanced but didn't overpower the meat.
    • As much as I love it, its strong taste overpowers the avocado - not bad guacamole, but I like a subtler variety.
    • Such occasions were dominated by the overpowering splendour of the Aksumite rulers.
    • In hotter years the wine can show a piercing fragrance of blackcurrants and raspberries that easily overpower the earthy finish.
    • Heavily perfumed nose, almost overpowering, with a dominance of apricot and peach blossom.
    • I sat there gazing at Robert and the more I did, the more an intense feeling overpowered me.
    • The more you chew, the more the taste intensifies, eventually overpowering the other ingredients.
    • The atmosphere is laid on thick, but it never overpowers the story, instead giving it weight and breadth.
    • His overwhelming need for sleep overpowered any attempt to think at all.
    • The intense flavors of the cheese and veg overpower the delicate meat.
    • Unfortunately, the more intense citrus and grainy mustard dressing overpowered the delicate ginger it was prepared with.
    • As he came toward the reactor, his sadness and confusion was overpowered by his fighter pilot instincts.
    • But sadness for his friend's unchanged fate was soon overpowered by an urgent awareness of his own.
    • The broth was a little too buttery, with some slightly overpowering raw garlic dominating the flavour.
    • The domination of media and advertising can overpower our personal lives with a bigger, more fearful world.
    • The need to paint, for me, is to try to control overpowering emotional forces.
    • The intense scent is almost overpowering in a small room on a warm day.