Translation of overproduce in Spanish:


sobreproducir, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərprəˈd(j)us//əʊvəprəˈdjuːs/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    producir en exceso
    • He said: ‘We overproduce food in this country, and we have to sell it somewhere, so any large company with multi-national interests is going to be trying to get its food sold overseas.’
    • Many of the largest corporations have overproduced their commodities.
    • Females could be engineered to overproduce human proteins of pharmaceutical interest in their milk, with production being turned on and off by the administration of hormones.
    • He and other critics contend that taxpayers are subsidizing mostly large operations that overproduce corn, wheat, soybeans, rice and cotton.
    • Researchers there figured out how to get plants to overproduce a hormone that ensures that if pollen from genetically modified crops drifts to other species, the resulting seeds won't germinate.
    • The patients who are likely to overproduce these inflammatory factors and to develop septic shock syndrome can be identified in a few hours by DNA scans.
    • Mice that overproduce growth hormone live shorter lives.
    • The problem is that their remarkable efficiency allows them to overproduce almost any commodity, so agriculture tends to lurch from surplus to surplus.
    • Indeed, mice that overproduce growth hormone die sooner than normal mice, and fruit flies that underproduce growth hormone live longer than normal flies.
    • Second, we test the male quality hypothesis, which suggests that females mated to attractive high-quality males should overproduce males.
    • Researchers have dramatically increased the life spans of mice by genetically engineering them to overproduce a protein called klotho.
    • A common strategy is to overproduce cells and then eliminate those that are no longer needed or that are potentially dangerous to the animal.
    • The researchers studied mice genetically engineered to overproduce a protein in the wall of the aorta, the body's primary artery.
    • The mice had been bred to overproduce a protein which had been implicated previously in tumor formation.
    • What's Going On: Allergies and colds can cause the membrane that lines your middle ear to become inflamed and overproduce mucus.
    • For example, among polygynous mammals, and thus among most primates, mothers in the best physical condition were originally expected to overproduce males.
    • In doing so it created disgustingly large food mountains, overproducing unwanted food simply to keep greedy farmers in business.
    • This is the first of a novel class of cancer drugs that targets an enzyme overproduced by many cancer cells.
    • Some people, however, overproduce these helpers, resulting in excessive muscle and joint swelling.
    • These drugs make your body tissues more sensitive to insulin and keep your liver from overproducing glucose.