Translation of overrate in Spanish:


sobrevalorar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈreɪt//əʊvəˈreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (book/performance/movie) sobrevalorar
    (movie/performance/book) sobreestimar
    he overrates his own importance se cree más importante de lo que es
    • Last night I gave you one of the most overrated operas in the repertory; tonight it's one of the most underrated.
    • Communication is heavily overrated as a means of resolving issues and accomplishing things.
    • Traditional plus-minus systems tend to overrate average players on good teams and underrate good players on lousy ones.
    • I believe this to be the true king of the jungle and not that overrated pretender, the lion.
    • On the other hand, maybe sanity is overrated, and a decent sabbatical from fiction is just what my brain needs to come up with loads of exciting new ideas.
    • Conversely, nurses overrated emotional needs of patients as indicators of caring.
    • This would also get rid of problem number two, which is cleanliness - a very overrated virtue.
    • There are those who say that he is overrated on some counts - that he made some bad Beethoven recordings, and so on.
    • It would not be his fault if he were overrated; it would be the fault of the (mostly white) writers who overrate him.
    • You may now safely consider me to have overrated the movie.
    • That being said, I would like to repeat something that I've said before: namely, that I think that America overrates the importance of a college education.
    • ‘A vast array of individuals seriously overrate the importance of money in making themselves, and others, happy,’ said the strategist in a recent memo to clients.
    • Dignity is overrated, especially when surrounded by so much spangle and sequin.
    • Sagittarians tend to overrate the benefits of activity.
    • I'm also of the opinion that both the product marketers and the idea marketers are vastly overrating the level of influence weblogs have attained.
    • Conversation is overrated anyway, though don't tell that to the waiters here.
    • The press failed just as miserably in New Hampshire - but this time by overestimating and overrating him.
    • Self-esteem is not overrated - it is critical in a healthy, balanced human being.
    • The existence of one billion squatters might suggest that ownership is overrated.
    • In your opinion, who is the most overrated celebrity today?