Translation of oversensitive in Spanish:


demasiado susceptible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈsɛnsɪdɪv//əʊvəˈsɛnsɪtɪv/


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    demasiado susceptible
    you're being oversensitive no seas tan susceptible
    • Because I am a newish father, I am probably oversensitive to stories about men and their children.
    • I think I gave my best performance that night, and soon Henry was leading me off stage the way we'd planned, with a shower of applause reaching my oversensitive ears.
    • Any player can be criticized, so it's no place for the oversensitive.
    • Touch stimulation overwhelms this oversensitive child.
    • I don't think they're crazy, or oversensitive - there have been actual, real, changes in society that might make them feel this way.
    • Being an oversensitive person, my expectations from each of my relationships with family, friends and relatives were really high.
    • I was always told when I was a child, you're too sensitive, you're oversensitive.
    • The software does seem a touch oversensitive to certain key words but I've never had a problem with blogs, even the more foul-mouthed ones.
    • But parents have always been oversensitive to what their children read and watch.
    • I thought it was just me - I am oversensitive to personal space issues.
    • I don't think I'm oversensitive to interpret your comments as saying my work is devoid of substantive content.
    • Nux vomica can be helpful if you have been working long hours, are irritable and oversensitive to light and noise, and have been using stimulants like coffee or soda to keep going.
    • Jane was rather oversensitive, and harped on about the glass of champagne for rather a long time.
    • If there was a weak spot on Liv, it was her oversensitive stomach.
    • Perhaps so, but he does seem to be oversensitive to the importance of his own role, especially when it is overlooked.
    • On the hotter side, jalfrezi dishes are beautifully spiced, and for those with truly oversensitive tastebuds, the korma is mild without being bland.
    • But if your husband is not usually childish and oversensitive, consider the possibility that from his perspective this is not an isolated incident.
    • Maybe I'm oversensitive but generalising about 3 billion people without a thorough and extensive survey to back it up seems a little arrogant.
    • I'm oversensitive and I know that gets on his nerves.
    • The mutation causes the brain cells to be oversensitive to neurotransmitters such as dopamine.