Translation of oversight in Spanish:


descuido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊvərˌsaɪt//ˈəʊvəsʌɪt/


  • 1

    descuido masculine
    the mistake was missed through oversight el error no fue advertido por descuido
    • Her oversights in the article were glaring at best, offensive and insulting at worst.
    • Many of the transgressions recorded in said credit records are simple oversights or no fault of the transgressor.
    • What do you see as the critical lapses or perhaps oversights?
    • Learn to read electrical plans to avoid common mistakes and oversights and make sure all your family's needs for lighting, appliances, computers, etc. will be met.
    • Therefore, it is vital that architects manage their risks and ensure systems are in place to minimise mistakes and oversights.
    • In the past year, numerous media accounts have revealed screw-ups, miscalculations and oversights.
    • However, it is recommended to use the longer form in order to avoid any oversights or confusion arising.
    • To be more accurate, it was perceived to be in a sorry state because of a series of small and individually insignificant problems, oversights and mistakes which collectively made the event look like a disorganised mess.
    • And learning from previous oversights, this commission will definitely go about its work in a painstaking manner.
    • Some overpayments result from oversights by claimants who may be in desperate circumstances and the council stresses there is a very lengthy process involving letters and telephone calls before the final demand.
    • Software doesn't create oversights and mistakes; the human beings who create the software do.
    • Mistakes and oversights are a daily risk for all doctors and I am no exception.
    • Convenient oversights like this are all part of that sleight of hand this administration specializes in to pursue its aims.
    • Full of contradictions, failures and oversights, the architect's personal life seemed to have none of the clarity possessed by his great works.
    • These lacks, losses and oversights open up narrative possibilities for the characters to learn about themselves and, in some cases, to find what they have been looking for.
    • Such oversights are common in human experience.
    • In fact, these quality control efforts reveal a surprising number of mistakes and oversights.
    • If more students e-mail you or stop you in class when you make these sorts of mistakes, I'm sure you'd be delighted to acknowledge your oversights and pave the way for our more enlightened education.
    • As I suggested, I think this situation has arisen due to some serious oversights on my part which I want to lay out for you.
    • Justice officials say the prosecutor's work was filled with a pattern of mistakes and oversights.
  • 2formal

    supervisión feminine
    • This requires strong international oversight and supervision of any Iraqi tribunal.
    • This lack of regulatory oversight can affect both international and domestic confidence in our market.
    • The lax regulatory oversight and risk management are now being reborn as bad loans.
    • The legislator had mentioned he was in charge of the committee that handles oversight.
    • Telephony is an issue that brings a whole new arena of regulation and oversight.
    • There is also the legal and regulatory oversight of the industry, which is extensive.
    • No other state agency exercises effective oversight over army expenditures.
    • All of which proves that the financial-services industry is one that requires shrewd and tough regulatory oversight.
    • Nor does it seem like these folks felt they had a lot to fear from oversight from superiors.
    • The need was not for more case management, but for oversight of existing agencies.
    • Effective oversight of any nonprofit organization rests with its board of directors.
    • The camp had no license and was subject to no government oversight.
    • Governmental oversight of the private operation has been regularly criticised as inadequate.
    • It will also exercise an independent day to day oversight of police operating standards.
    • The obvious solution is direct government oversight in the form of industry regulations.
    • Moreover, any developments would be exempt from normal regulatory oversight.
    • Emphasis will be placed on actions to reduce the need or burden of Government oversight.
    • All I care about are the improvements in governance and oversight that are taking place.
    • This postal system is subject to political oversight and democratic direction.
    • For example, finance ministers and central banks have a new agreement on financial oversight.