Translation of overspill in Spanish:


excedente de población, n.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊvərˌspɪl//ˈəʊvəspɪl/


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    excedente de población masculine
    • Make sure you are holding the rod in case the carp feels the hook and bolts, and make sure you have your thumb on the drum of the centrepin to avoid overspill as it spins fast round as line is taken.
    • He built a villa nearby in 1949, on the ruins of a Nazi bunker, and any overspill of house guests would be mopped up by the Splen-dee-do, as American clients still insist on pronouncing it.
    • That could have been avoided to a significant extent, if not entirely, by cutting and loading the clay directly into barges in some areas and by restricting the period during which overspill was allowed to continue in others.
    • Be it climate change, landfill overspill, or any other problem the time is here to hit the filth-monger very, very hard through the taxation system.
    • These visitors, and the almost certain overspill of residents' cars, will obviously park on Stonyhurst Avenue, to the further inconvenience and safety of local residents.
    • They have also complained to the parish council about noise disturbance at night related to functions at the village hall and the use of the Laurel Croft parking areas as an overspill from the main car park.
    • ‘In games like that there's going to be times when there's a bit of tension overspill, it's one of those things,’ he said of the brawl, which involved several players from either side
    • Not uncommonly there is no bed because of overspill from the medical wards on to the surgical wards, as in winter bed crises, and the operation is postponed for weeks or months.
    • Parapet walls are normally associated with lead-lined parapet gutters which are prone to overspill when blocked, wetting the brickwork below and which will leak if the lead splits or if the steps are too shallow.
    • On ground level is a studio for meetings, rehearsals, exhibitions, children's shows and overspill from the small café-bar that opens on to the lane outside in the summer.
    • The overspill of rain water in winter is a danger to pedestrians, quite apart from the embarrassing appearance.
    • Box up and stow away any overspill of ornaments and act like an obsessively tidy person, neatly fold and put away until you've exchanged contracts.
    • A Braintree commuter first reported the problem of overspill from the site on to the railway line at Mill Hill last July.
    • It is also one of the biggest television buyers in Northern Ireland, ensuring maximum overspill into the Republic's multichannel viewers.
    • An overspill from the pub sat on the wall opposite with pints and ghetto-blasters and a dozen pairs of runners hung by their laces from the telegraph wires overhead.
    • Now color in all the areas, with the red pen, that actually contain water and a full two centimeters to all sides, to allow for overspill.
    • It might be suitable for a single piece of sculptural overspill.
    • The cold snap has turned the bins' overspill into a welcome fast food source for the rat.
    • The overspill from the A & E was packing the corridors, it was bedlam.
    • This also needed to be monitored in residential areas to make sure there was no overspill.