Translation of overstock in Spanish:


abarrotar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈstɑk//əʊvəˈstɒk/

transitive verb

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    • There are, indeed, evidences that the market has become overstocked and that a considerable. number who are willing and anxious to work are unable to get occupation.
    • But soon the rack was so overstocked that customers couldn't move the merchandise to see what was available.
    • In anticipation of higher sales, and due to poor forecasting, a gallery may overstock a particular item or resource.
    • Chilling: Don't overstock your fridge or freezer.
    • A few years later, British supermarkets were overstocked with green products that the same consumers later qualified as too expensive.
    • In early 1999 the company suffered a setback following the discovery that its Glenmorangie Single Highland Malt brand had been overstocked in the UK distribution chain.
    • One of the items everybody got overstocked with is rubber-tired backhoes.
    • Producers would sell coupons one or two months before the Mid-autumn Festival and, based on the sales volume of the coupons, they could produce just enough mooncakes to avoid overstocking.
    • I looked forlornly past the celebratory bottle of champagne, consoling myself that it could be saved for New Years, and selected a bottle of Barbados dark rum from my disturbingly overstocked bar.
    • You see, it was her final request that Ralph should perform in a circus company, besides which all the zoos have indicated that they are presently overstocked with African elephants (of which Ralph is one).
    • But it is not the interest of merchants and manufacturers… that the home market should be overstocked with their goods, an event which a bounty upon production might sometimes occasion.
    • Did they overstock at the seaside tat warehouse then?
    • There would be penalties - today it is voluntary - where there would be penalties for failing to comply when they overstock the transmission lines with excessive electricity.
    • The consultant finds that designer in-store shops ‘do a great job,’ but she adds that department stores still have too much inventory, and many times in-store units are also overstocked.
    • Don't overstock your pantry with grain products.
    • The retailer saved millions in distribution and warehousing costs as improved sales and order forecasts reduced the need to overstock in-house supplies.
    • It means the warehouse is perpetually overstocked.
    • Sapient advised that there was no need to overstock commodity items like office supplies that can be obtained easily anywhere.
    • The black topped bar stretched the length of the right wall overstocked with enough alcohol to satisfy anyone's needs.
    • All the cake, chocs, biscuits and other fattening foodstuffs we tend to overstock on for Christmas.

intransitive verb

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    comprar de más


  • 1

    excedentes de stock masculine
    excedentes de existencias masculine