Translation of oversubscribed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əʊvəsəbˈskrʌɪbd//ˌoʊvərsəbˈskraɪbd/


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    the trip to London is already oversubscribed el viaje a Londres ya está sobrevendido
    • the issue was oversubscribed la demanda de acciones superó a la oferta
    • the offer was 10 times oversubscribed la demanda de títulos fue 10 veces superior a la oferta
    • Speed said the company had offers of funding from several backers, and the funding round was oversubscribed.
    • Because oversubscribed issues are subject to quantity rationing, uninformed investors may find that they are eventually allocated more overpriced issues.
    • The share issue, which raised $890 million, was more than four times oversubscribed.
    • When the trust's shares were issued several years ago, they were well oversubscribed and were seen as an efficient way for investors to participate in the mid-term endowment policy market.
    • He said the company had initially planned to raise around €1 million in funding, but had taken ‘the pragmatic view’ when the round was oversubscribed.
    • Conduit was around 8 times oversubscribed which helped to push the price to the top of the range.
    • When Medco Energi Internasional of Indonesia put $150 million in bonds up for sale in May, the offer was eight times oversubscribed.
    • The company raised €10 million in May, but decided to extend the round after it was oversubscribed by potential investors.
    • Although the IPO was heavily oversubscribed, the insiders did not exploit the chance to cash in some shares.
    • The share issue of Denway Investments in 1993 became the most oversubscribed issue in the history of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
    • The share placing was heavily oversubscribed and the company said it had raised the money to have the flexibility to look at small acquisitions.
    • The flotation, which was 20 times oversubscribed, was a huge success.
    • The share offer was eleven times oversubscribed.
    • Once virtually guaranteed to make a mint from oversubscribed equity offerings, investment banks are now being forced to go way beyond the call of duty as advisers and put their own balance sheets on the line.
    • Underwriting commissions were due to be paid at a rate of 3.1 per cent of the product of the offer price, with a further 2.6 per cent on additional shares sold if the float was oversubscribed.
    • Traders remark by the time the issue closes, it may have been oversubscribed seven to eight times by retail investors and about 15 times by institutional investors.
    • When it raised $696 million in late October without breaking a sweat, individual investors in Hong Kong queued up to apply for shares in a deal that ended up being oversubscribed 50 times.
    • The two retail tranches were oversubscribed by about 1.57 times.
    • The share sale was hugely oversubscribed and at one point the shares were 27% higher than the issue price of 850 rupees.
    • He added that the issue was seven times oversubscribed.