Translation of overtake in Spanish:


adelantar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈteɪk//əʊvəˈteɪk/

transitive verbovertaken, overtook

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    (go past)
    (horse/runner) adelantar
    (runner/horse) pasar
    (runner/horse) rebasar Mexico
    he overtook the truck adelantó / pasó al camión
    • A driver attempted to overtake them but couldn't complete the move, and pulled towards their SUV.
    • Then the driver of the car overtook the first car and tried to cross.
    • It is a dark stretch of road and the driver who was overtaken may not have been aware of the accident behind.
    • She noted the car overtaking her car was travelling at considerable speed and had commented to her husband: ‘God, he's flying.’
    • Police are investigating the apparent road rage incident which is believed to have occurred after the bus overtook a line of stationary vehicles.
    • Sights like these become familiar after a few days in Pakistan, although it takes a little longer to get used to drivers overtaking the buses and everything else on blind bends with horns blaring.
    • Wait until it is safe to overtake, and then pass wide and slow.
    • It is thought a dark-coloured Vauxhall Corsa, travelling south, overtook a line of traffic headed by a container lorry.
    • The light overtook them, passed through the car and vanished - and Gill and his friend kept right on driving!
    • The Vauxhall, travelling towards Bath, was overtaking a line of stationary vehicles looking to turn right.
    • Isn't it just so annoying when one lorry travelling at 60 mph tries to overtake another which is travelling at 58 mph?
    • My driver then tries to overtake the truck at the same time.
    • Now, if a daring driver decides to overtake the bus in front, he runs into trouble in uniform.
    • The Focus had stopped when a vehicle, travelling in the opposite direction, overtook another vehicle, which had stopped so the driver could remove an obstruction from the road.
    • After overtaking some cars the driver had tried to get back on the correct side of the road, but lost control and hit a Rover travelling out of Bradford, the inquest heard.
    • He told the inquiry he was aware there was a vehicle, a Transit van, behind him which overtook the bus, passing by closely.
    • That's the key to what we have to do, is we have to maintain the ability to pass and overtake.
    • Express bus drivers who don't overtake other buses, hence stopping unnecessarily at every stop.
    • Take along some mint because the fast descent down the mountain might disturb even city folk, especially when the driver pulls out to overtake other cars on the narrow road.
    • The two drivers overtook a number of vehicles along the road and witness statements expressed concerns about the speed of the two sports cars.
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    tomarle la delantera a
    • In recent years, low prices have devastated coffee farming in Rwanda, and tea exports have now overtaken coffee.
    • But just as the petrol engine overtook the trams and the telephone surpassed the telegraph, it now seems the mobile is set to conquer the landline.
    • Tourism and family remittances have overtaken traditional exports as the country's prime earners.
    • Coffee has overtaken tea as the most popular drink outside the home.
    • Tourism is doing pretty well in Mauritius, too, and is set to overtake sugar as the country's most important industry.
    • The team has managed to overtake last year's successes to receive commendation for every entry they submitted this year.
    • Later that year he presented the Report on Manufactures, an ambitious plan to overtake Britain in industrial output.
    • According to US tourism statistics, Britons have now overtaken the Japanese in terms of the numbers flying to New York.
    • Last year, asparagus overtook coffee as Peru's top export crop and accounted for roughly a quarter of the country's farm exports.
    • Today, the fishing industry has overtaken the peanut sector as Senegal's No.1 foreign exchange earner.
    • While chipping at the landing is still the principal means of comminution, bundling is growing rapidly and could easily overtake roadside chipping within a few years.
    • The bad news is that the consumer PC market is rapidly approaching maturity, with renewals overtaking first-time purchases.
    • Nobody in retailing underestimates the power of the card: its success undoubtedly helped Tesco to overtake Sainsbury as Britain's leading grocer.
    • And seafood recently overtook other agriculture as an export success story, bolstered by boasts of clean water and fresh air.
    • They are developing successful, job-creating, renewable energy industries and they have overtaken Australia.
    • But although he continued recording, his deep soul style was rapidly overtaken by funk and disco and, later, rap.
    • He said the boom in China's economy had helped shipping overtake tourism.
    • After all the EU is rapidly overtaking the States as the pre-eminent economic superpower.
    • Building construction is rapidly overtaking all other developmental activities.
    • The seven largest US biotechnology firms have overtaken the pharmaceutical industry's 9.1% rise.
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    (come upon unexpectedly)
    dusk overtook us when we were only halfway there se nos hizo de noche cuando apenas estábamos a mitad de camino
    • events have overtaken us los acontecimientos se nos han adelantado

intransitive verbovertaken, overtook

Motor Vehicles

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    rebasar Mexico