Translation of overthrow in Spanish:


derrocar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈθroʊ//əʊvəˈθrəʊ/

transitive verboverthrown, overthrew

  • 1

    (remove from power)
    (government/emperor) derrocar
    • In Japan the supreme warlord or Shogun, who had capitulated to the western powers, was overthrown and the Meiji Emperor restored to full authority in 1868.
    • He bequeathed power to his third wife Isabel, but she was overthrown by another military coup in 1976.
    • During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries increasingly smaller oligarchies came to power in the Swiss cantons but were overthrown in 1798 in the wake of the French Revolution.
    • Didn't you just say a military general who comes to power by forcibly overthrowing the legitimate government of a nation is an illegitimate leader?
    • In a secret alliance with the Guild of Commerce, the two powers overthrew the other Guilds and left the refugees to scatter across the continent.
    • One who's leader simply wanted to overthrow the Emperor for power.
    • By February 1917 revolution overthrew the Russian Tsar and brought the working class to power, led by the Bolsheviks in October.
    • The leaders, the kings of Saudi Arabia, were worried that if they let the clerics get more power behind the scenes, then they could be overthrown in the same way the Shah was in Iran.
    • Soon, we had enough power to totally overthrow the System.
    • She also stressed the role of people power in overthrowing two former dictators in the Philippines in the last 15 years.
    • All are nations blessed with vast mineral wealth but suffering from ongoing attempts to overthrow their internationally recognized governments.
    • Consequently, the invocation of self-determination, as the means to justify overthrowing an alien governing power, was traditionally considered to be a political, as opposed to a legal, tool.
    • When he did, it conspired with France and Israel to attack Egypt in a failed attempt to overthrow him.
    • When the powers that be were overthrown, the rebels took their vengeance out on the Jews, whom they saw as collaborators with the former regime.
    • Spain and Portugal lost most of their colonies - some falling to rival European powers, but most overthrown by revolution among their settler-descended populations.
    • There used to be that question asking whether you planned to subvert the constitution, overthrow the Federal Government or whatever.
    • Once she has been turned, she will have the power to overthrow Queen Andromache, and she will come forth as the new Queen of our race.
    • For instance, overthrowing the dictator obviously removed him as a threat.
    • The Venezuelan president has often said the United States supports opposition attempts to overthrow him.
    • The power to overthrow Tarak might not be found for some time.


  • 1

    (of ruler, government)
    derrocamiento masculine
    • There was only one problem: just as America was about to assume global leadership, the overthrow of world capitalism had been announced in the form of the Russian Revolution.
    • Early last century, the Bolshevik was plotting the overthrow of capitalism.
    • They used their electronic brains to plot the overthrow of humankind, and carried it out with the supercharged bodies they had been given by their human masters who were now slaves.
    • The occasion being evoked: a fundamental, revolutionary change, announcing not only the overthrow of the old regime, but the birth of a new state.
    • A fifth possible motivation is that the authors of the article believed that the overthrow of the current legal government of the USA was more important than success in the war.
    • In these circumstances the demand for Maori tribes or iwi to be given control over such an important resource as the foreshore and seabed can only be progressive if it matched with a demand for the overthrow of capitalism.
    • They are charged with plotting the overthrow of the Egyptian government and of attempting to damage Egyptian security.
    • It happened on the anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy, so that's perhaps some significance to be drawn there.
    • A violent act by a slave against a white person could never be just that; it always carried with it the implicit threat of slave rebellion and the overthrow of white power.
    • Although he sought the overthrow of the US Government, his tactics and power base were much larger.
    • Such wholesale disobedience constitutes revolution or rebellion; the overthrow of a country's entire legal and governmental system.
    • This is perhaps because so much of academic thought in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries related to the reform or even the overthrow of capitalism, of the free market and of the private enterprise system.
    • It had acquired military and political power because of its role in the overthrow of the Nazi regime.
    • Riots, revolutions and the overthrow of rulers, keep everyone on their toes!
    • Its central theme is the struggle between love and power, the overthrow of a world gripped by greed and oppression, and its replacement by one ruled by freedom and benevolence.
    • And the overthrow of the government my papa had given his power to by a group of hateful men only made things worse.
    • Plotting the overthrow of any foreign government became a crime.
    • They are alienated, in the Marxist sense, from the product of their labours and this cannot be changed without revolutionary upheaval and the overthrow of capitalism.
    • The media coverage has portrayed this as a ‘velvet revolution’ - the overthrow of a corrupt leader who defrauded an election to retain power.
    • Plotting the overthrow of a foreign government, however tyrannical, became a criminal offence.