Translation of overtime in Spanish:


horas extra(s), n.

Pronunciation: /ˈoʊvərˌtaɪm//ˈəʊvətʌɪm/


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    • 1.1(extra work hours)

      (feminine plural) horas extra(s)
      sobretiempo masculine Peru Chile
      to work overtime hacer horas extra(s)
      • my brain was working overtime mi cerebro estaba trabajando a toda máquina
      • before noun overtime ban prohibición de trabajar horas extras
      • For employees who continue to work long hours, overtime compensation will remain fertile ground for lawsuits.
      • Instead, the decision enshrines the present work regime, while creating the illusion that workers now have the right to refuse long overtime hours.
      • There will also be a tiebreaker, to guess my overtime hours, in case there is a draw.
      • Often wages are very low, hours long and forced overtime common.
      • Yes, it was a brief analysis of the award provisions, finding that there was explicit in the award ordinary hours for casuals and overtime hours.
      • Since 16 February they have worked strictly to their agreed hours and banned unpaid overtime, which the museums depend on to keep functioning.
      • In one Wal-Mart supply factory, workers were reportedly ordered not to clock in on Sunday to avoid detection of overtime hours.
      • So, if you use the Internet that long per day and are used to getting 70 hours of overtime charges, than the cable connection is certainly worth getting.
      • Not content with exploiting the thousands of unpaid overtime hours staff have worked, they reward us by sacking us.
      • Employers added 340,000 jobs, while the length of the average workweek rose and manufacturing workers spent more overtime hours on the job.
      • The company's answer is to offer bonuses for working seven hour long overtime shifts.
      • Existing employees who work overtime hours do not incur any additional benefit costs.
      • Of those who work overtime, the average overtime worked is seven hours per week.
      • And how his heart flamed when his loathsome boss slapped on the additional insult of overtime hours or weekend work.
      • Even more remarkably, many office goers and industrial workers had worked extra hours and donated their overtime earnings to raise a fund for the victims.
      • The international company insisted that she work in excess of 60 hours per week without overtime compensation.
      • According to student feedback, this workload becomes difficult to manage when combined with overtime hours at work.
      • The spokesman said the increased workload would have led to additional hours and overtime pay.
      • Among other changes, the measure would change the way in which overtime hours are calculated, from a daily to a weekly basis.
      • In peak seasons, she works seven days a week for months at a time - four hours of overtime a day Monday through Friday and two hours of overtime on Saturday.

    • 1.2(pay)

      (feminine plural) horas extra(s)
      sobretiempo masculine Peru Chile
      • Everything else is tied to performance related pay, a major increase in pay differences between workers in different areas doing the same job, and loss of overtime and bonus payments.
      • Because salaries are not sufficient to cover living expenses, the workers are desperate to obtain their outstanding overtime and holiday payments.
      • They also called for the use of legal tender in the dormitory instead of tokens, payment of all overtime worked and the dismissal of some Taiwanese managers.
      • The obvious answer is to put more money in by increasing your monthly contributions (or skimming off an annual bonus, overtime or other payment).
      • The Board will be looking to make savings in areas like overtime, premium payments, travel costs and reductions in replacement of absent staff.
      • One irate police sergeant attached to the Port-of-Spain Division said he received only part payment of his overtime about two weeks ago.
      • Management has not paid wages, overtime or welfare payments for May and June.
      • The workers are seeking the payment of overtime and risk allowances that have not been paid for seven months.
      • These would involve savings areas like overtime, premium payments, travel costs, reductions in replacement of absent staff.
      • They say sick pay, overtime and machine operating rates would all be worse if the offer was accepted.
      • The dispute involves the payment of overtime, which York workers believe they are entitled to whenever agency workers are called in.
      • In addition to the basic pay, and overtime, there is also a wide variety of allowances designed to meet individual personal needs.
      • The most obvious sign of our victory is that management has agreed to pay strikers their full wages, including scheduled overtime and full bonuses, for the days they were on strike.
      • Nor will overtime be paid under the new wage contract at VW.
      • In the building industry up to thirty percent of the wages, such as overtime, is paid as cash wages with no tax deducted.
      • The Sri Lankan government has imposed drastic funding cuts to public hospitals and health services for the payment of overtime or extra duty allowances.
      • Workers on the lower end can struggle on less than minimum wage with no overtime or benefits.
      • Some of the payments were used to pay staff overtime.
      • Trade unions, however, are generally not recognised, and most of them spend a good deal of their time and energy trying to get their meagre wages and overtime paid on time.
      • He believes the extra money is being paid as overtime, allowances and bonuses.

  • 2US

    prórroga feminine
    tiempo suplementario masculine