Translation of overturn in Spanish:


darle la vuelta a, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈtərn//əʊvəˈtəːn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tip over)
    (boat/table) darle la vuelta a
    (boat/table) dar vuelta Southern Cone
    • At least one car was overturned and others had windows smashed by what locals described as a mini tornado that swept through the area shortly before 1pm.
    • Vehicles were overturned, and bonfires were lit, one with a car as its main ingredient, and about 40 arrests were made.
    • The zombies may be slow and weak, but they were still able to overturn a parked car.
    • It was overturning cars and knocking over down buildings, trying desperately to catch Jordan.
    • A newsagent's shop, pub, sex shop and a car were set alight and two other vehicles were overturned as riot police took to the streets in Burnley, Lancs.
    • More than 4,000 students overturned cars and threw bottles out of windows at a university in Jiujiang, in the southern province of Jiangxi.
    • It hit a local village, overturning boats and snapping trees like matchsticks.
    • Suddenly, a storm came and huge waves almost overturned his boat.
    • Former Albion Rovers, Meadowbank and Shrewsbury player who once overturned a teammate's car on the way to buy a paper.
    • A red-haired woman is taken away from the table after she overturns a full bowl of food.
    • Police in riot gear were called out at the campus after several cars were overturned, fires were started and mayhem ensued.
    • They threw objects at him, overturned his car, which exploded.
    • They overturned tables and threw chairs around, smashed glassware, and threatened and insulted employees.
    • In one incident, an articulated lorry was overturned while passengers in a car also had a lucky escape when their vehicle crashed through a nearby wall.
    • Streetlights toppled over, trees were uprooted and some cars were overturned.
    • Hopefully I would not get to a point where I was totally at one with the river because I had overturned the boat.
    • Their ordeal came to an end when the hijackers overturned their car at 04: 00 on Sunday morning.
    • With that, the band thanked the sweaty crowd, threw down their guitars, overturned the drums and left without an encore.
    • Centred on the village of Clonee, the tornado overturned cars, ripped up poles and trees and damaged houses and gardens.
    • A stuntman who has overturned cars and traded punches with Hollywood's finest is to turn his attention to helping save a little girl's life.
  • 2

    (government) derrocar
    (government) derribar
    • And this new science has completely overturned traditional ideas about what children are like.
    • Whether he can realistically hope to overturn the sizeable Labour majority in Barking is perhaps doubtful.
    • He introduced reliable methods of assessment and measurement, and an epidemiological framework, and thereby overturned many of the previous conclusions.
    • "The disqualification was overturned on a technicality when the infringement was obvious.
    • While these men were not social revolutionaries bent on overturning the slave system in one bold stroke, nor were they solely foot draggers content to slow production.
    • This situation can only be overturned if power is instituted from below.
    • Such trends have been successfully overturned overseas, and with general public acceptance.
    • Residents hope they can overturn the decision.
    • The Revolution redefined the cultural values signifying social prestige, and overturned the juridical system that had upheld status distinctions in the old regime.
    • I suspect that it will be raised time and time again until a future Government overturns that very silly decision of this Labour Government.
    • The regime has effectively overturned the principle of "One man, one vote".
    • They will then be able to use the examinations appeals process to try to get the decisions overturned.
    • Subvert the gender system to overturn capitalism.
    • She said she had taken on her chairmanship in December 2003, determined to overturn a previous board decision not to renew Mr Ramsay's contract.
    • Many local people feel the new procedures limit their chances to overturn decisions with which they disagree.
    • Many of the wars which have taken place during the historical period can be traced at least in part to such causes; and not a few governments or social systems have been overturned because of food issues.
    • York District Sports Council does not further the aims or benefits of community sport by disparaging this campaign, nor do they have the authority to overturn a democratic decision made two and a half years ago.
    • The Electoral College would never have survived as a quaint anachronism of the American political system if its actions overturned the will of the people.
    • Let's hope the referee sees sense and overturns his decision.
    • In so doing, it is overturning all existing relations between states and class.
  • 3

    (judgment/ruling/decision) anular
    (theory) invalidar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle) volcar
    (vehicle) dar una vuelta de campana
    (vehicle) capotar
    (box/barrel) darse la vuelta
    (barrel/box) darse vuelta Southern Cone
    • The initial report was that two Marine Corps safety boats had overturned near the reefs just over the cliffs from our squadron, and five personnel were unaccounted for.
    • The tragedy happened when the Vauxhall hit the central reservation and overturned, coming to rest on the hard shoulder.
    • According to survivors the boat overturned in heavy seas in a matter of minutes, leaving most of the passengers trapped inside.
    • All six men were thrown out of the boat as it overturned.
    • The boat overturned, and the people in it were swept into the foaming water, but were retrieved.
    • There were delays on the A419 after a car overturned.
    • A police officer escaped a bizarre accident with only minor injuries on Monday when a Port Authority crane overturned and smashed the boat he was in.
    • It came to rest facing oncoming traffic, while the lorry also slewed around and shed its load, eventually overturning and ending up upside-down on the grass verge.
    • A Bury fire crew were called when the car overturned near to a petrol station on Stand Lane, Bury, at 3.40 am on Sunday.
    • The car overturned and rolled down an embankment, ending on its roof at the bottom of a grass bank off the M61 motorway on the outskirts of Bolton.
    • The boat overturned about 150 yards from the cave entrance and at least three of the victims apparently became trapped beneath the boat.
    • The boat almost overturned as it made a sharp turn, back toward the approaching boat.
    • There is a moment of recognition and reconciliation before the boat overturns, and both, locked in a final embrace, are drowned.
    • It appeared that the vehicle had overturned and rolled a number of times before coming to rest on the roadside facing the opposite direction to which it was travelling.
    • It hit a kerb and lamp post before careering back across Meggeson Avenue, crashing into the parked cars and overturning.
    • The car then overturned, coming to rest on its roof on the hard shoulder.
    • At least four cars overturned Thursday evening near the village of Mekece, about halfway on its journey from Istanbul to Ankara.
    • Any rower whose boat overturns in the ship channel faces a tough job getting to dry land safely.
    • Three people were injured in the second accident in the north of the county when their car overturned on the Fanore road outside Lisdoonvarna at about 6pm.
    • The sailing boats and one of the rescue boats overturned, and police were brought in to help, along with an additional rescue boat from the cadets.