Translation of overuse in Spanish:


abusar de, v.

Pronunciation /əʊvəˈjuːz//ˌoʊvərˈjuz/

transitive verb

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    abusar de
    usar demasiado
    • He's fleet but overuses the pivot move that crafty, slower kids employ to get to the final rounds of British Bulldog, so I caught on to his tricks.
    • I was overusing my supply of quick and easy recipes to the point that my kids would groan when I told them we were having tacos one more time!
    • I want to know what checks there are in place to make sure people are not abusing or overusing those phones.
    • This sort of artistic dilettantism helps to prevent any single endeavor from becoming stagnant - one imagines the butcher who keeps all of his knives sharp by not overusing any single one.
    • I disagree with the conclusion we're overusing the Reserves.
    • This was our phrase for overusing the intellect to the detriment of being open to the spirit.
    • Now they are proposing to change the goal posts because their customers are overusing the products.
    • What are people really doing when they're overusing magic?
    • Humanity is overusing the Earth's resources by 20 per cent and by current trends, would need two planet Earth's by 2050 to live sustainably.
    • I wonder why she overuses the Smiley Face thing, but figure she is in prison and it probably makes her happy to see a smile, even if it is just a flat one drawn on paper.
    • This indicates roughly how many pages you can print per month without overusing the device and reducing its useful life.
    • Training is a process of overusing a tissue, causing it to break down, and then a rebuilding of the muscle as a reaction.
    • Bill is a successful writer, who overuses the word ‘wonderful,’ and who tells stories in short phrases, as though he were a telegram.
    • So I guess I'll just have to go on overusing my contact lenses.
    • We know that some people do refrain from overusing nonrenewable resources, from forests and fish to less tangible resources such as clean air and physical space.
    • Such a limit ‘defines how large a species population can become before it overuses the resources available in the ecosystem’.
    • I didn't want to be one of those gushing fans that waxes poetic and overuses the words ‘cool’ and ‘awesome.’
    • People are overusing the amount of water that the area can sustain.
    • His fastball has little movement, and he overuses his slider.
    • He overuses the words ‘brilliant,’ ‘overlapping,’ and ‘long cut,’ but doles out enough nuggets to keep it interesting.


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    uso excesivo masculine
    • We have tried to reinfuse words like freedom and rights with the power they once had, but they have become too degraded by overuse.
    • And cellular carriers can insert fine print into their contracts to prevent network overuse.
    • Strong private-property rights helped to avoid the tragedies of both overuse and underinvestment.
    • It also can detect questionable overuse, underuse, or misuse of procedures.
    • Their value has already been compromised by the development of resistance through overuse.
    • His simple white shirt was full of holes from overuse.
    • Morals give love of God content; in our time ‘love’ has been emptied of content through overuse and misuse.
    • There's no problem of overuse or overgrazing or overfishing an idea.
    • By the way, can I draw everyone's attention to my overuse of parentheses in the last paragraph?
    • Sending e-mail with a carbon copy to the whole project team is temptingly easy, but beware of its overuse.
    • The authors also question whether it is the best way to address overuse of the system.
    • The million-dollar equipment is ragged, pushed to the edge from overuse.
    • Certainly you are correct that overuse of antibiotics can breed resistant strains.
    • Antibiotic overuse has been responsible for the development of bacteria that resist eradication.
    • While such technological interventions can sometimes be lifesaving, their routine overuse often generates problems.
    • For example, my personal offenses against prose include overuse of the phrases; however, for example, and actually.
    • Intellectual works cannot be worn out by overuse, so the tragedy of the commons through overuse cannot occur in this field.
    • Chronic overuse can result in irritability and psychosis.
    • Other problems concern overuse and pollution of ground water and the loss of wetlands.
    • Increased levels of activity or exercise may indicate a musculoskeletal injury caused by overuse.