Translation of overwhelm in Spanish:


abrumar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈ(h)wɛlm//əʊvəˈwɛlm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    I was overwhelmed by their generosity su generosidad me dejó abrumado
    • he overwhelmed me with his enthusiasm su entusiasmo me abrumaba
    • I was overwhelmed with rage sentí una rabia incontenible
    • Up until that moment, Ian had blocked out the sheer size of the catastrophe, and his senses were suddenly overwhelmed by scene of suffering surrounding him.
    • When I hear them, I'm overwhelmed with emotion, because I can remember what it was like then, or what I was doing then.
    • I felt so overwhelmed by this feeling that I began to cry.
    • She was overwhelmed by the huge number of people that had attended the service.
    • The survivor may be overwhelmed by confusing emotions - fear, grief, guilt, shame, rage.
    • Her emotions and worries were overwhelming her and Cameron would provide an outlet.
    • Gideon began to shake in front of her as emotion overwhelmed him.
    • And that's why the feeling of missing her, the feeling of sadness, was so overwhelming at those times.
    • Both the mothers flinched at the coldness in his voice, and Mrs. Trousdale was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt.
    • On her way, Mark came rushing into the office and wrapping his arms around Angela, who, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion broke down.
    • The danger of feminine emotion was its tendency to overwhelm women, to drown them in a flood of their own sympathy and sentiment.
    • We were absolutely overwhelmed by the huge welcome we received at the airport.
    • She increasingly saw suicide as the only way of coping with overwhelming emotions and freeing herself of her increasing sense of despair.
    • The organizers were totally overwhelmed by the response.
    • And men won't be insulted, they will be overwhelmed with gratitude.
    • I suddenly felt panic overwhelming me, shoving its way through my lack of emotion.
    • I am completely overwhelmed by the response to the awards so far.
    • Everything was coming back, and already, Tanya felt a myriad of conflicting emotions overwhelming her.
    • Now her whole body was overwhelmed with rage and anger and hurt and pain.
    • The people are overwhelmed with excitement and emotion.
  • 2

    (post/army) aplastar
    (post/army) arrollar
    • That alone was easily enough to overwhelm their depleted and dispirited numbers, but the army outside also numbered several battalions of foot soldiers.
    • He is not a busy fighter who overwhelms his opponents with non-stop punching.
    • Last year's conquering village were overwhelmed by a team with the kind of attitude a county manager would kill for.
    • The Wehrmacht, not anticipating a winter campaign, then ran out of steam and was overwhelmed by Soviet armies newly raised, unbeknown to the Germans.
    • From the kick-off the spectators roared on the Catalans who overwhelmed their opponents, creating at least a dozen chances in the first half alone.
    • Played in Direen, the Spa novice team was overwhelmed by a much better Rathmore side in the East Kerry Novice Championship Final.
    • This would seem to be from someone in an interesting state of mind, or perhaps someone who wants the e-mail address given in the message to be overwhelmed with traffic.
    • But that doesn't mean I have to let them do it here, especially when someone is dropping dozens of messages in short periods of time to overwhelm the conversation.
    • The home side's winning margin was flattering, however, as they added 1-4 in the final stages to overwhelm a gusty Sligo side.
    • At Holy Cross High, the school was overwhelmed by a large number of parents standing in a long queue with their children waiting to be admitted.
    • That team speed will overwhelm the Bucs' offense, which has been clicking of late.
    • Tadcaster Magnet have gone into pole position in division five after overwhelming a Dringhouses side who were whipped out for only 74 after choosing to bat first.
    • Glencastle overwhelmed their opponents in both semi-final and final appearances in the large School girls competition.
    • They overwhelmed their opponents up front with a powerful forward display that left Newcastle struggling to make any sort of impact.
    • Unlike at Fulham, they were not overwhelmed by a superior side but, by their own failings, they offered their opponents all the encouragement they needed.
    • The Army team was up to the challenge and put every effort into overwhelming the Navy side, earning a 46-8 victory for Army.
    • My mum, Emily, and I were overwhelmed by the volume of messages of condolence we received, and by the number of people who turned up to his funeral last Tuesday.
    • The mother realises she is not alone when she asks if others also feel overwhelmed by parenthood.
    • Lisa, on the other hand, will be overwhelmed by sources, inundated by a fairly noisy background.
    • The target's internet servers are overwhelmed by junk messages
    • We are overwhelmed by information, so conveying a message that sticks is tougher than ever.
    • Parents are often overwhelmed with grief, and the family physician's support and recommendations for counseling are important.
    • But once the messages descend I remain overwhelmed by the avalanche of letters, information, bulletins and, of course, junk email.
    • We have been overwhelmed by the messages of support for Asa, and the genuine concern from people about his condition.
    • The shop has become a Scottish literary institution for many and staff have been overwhelmed with messages of support.
    • This also needs to work because the Falcons' defense, though improved from last year, still isn't good enough to overwhelm opponents.
    • Sure, Stephanie's parents get overwhelmed by all the pets in the house, but they're animal lovers too.
    • The script sends only one message, so we don't overwhelm the recipient.
    • Those who had stayed away from the match in Tuam, where Roscommon's support was overwhelmed by the home side, were intent on making good on this occasion.
    • Londesbrough Park strengthened their promotion bid when they completely overwhelmed a hapless Selby side who were shot out for only 71.
    • At Claremorris on Sunday afternoon, the visitors overwhelmed the home side with an emphatic victory.
    • Since her mother became ill, earlier this year, Lillian said she had been overwhelmed by the messages of support from friends and neighbours.
    • It died when Dean allowed the ‘movement’ to become the message, and overwhelm Iowa with orange-capped kids from elsewhere.
    • In seven minutes of the second half, it began to look as if the home team, the Premiership team, would overwhelm their visitors.
    • He has been overwhelmed by messages of congratulations from all over South Africa at his appointment.
    • Abruptly, a whole pack of Minotaurs erupted from the underbrush, and easily overwhelmed Jessant's team.
    • She is overwhelmed by the parental duties she now bears.
    • Grayston school was not immediately available for comment, as its telephones were being overwhelmed by calls from concerned parents, a secretary said.
    • Morton contributed, but were finally overwhelmed by a superior side.
    • Government rules, plans, and preparations were soon rapidly overwhelmed by a mass unplanned exodus to the safety of provincial villages.
  • 3

    to be overwhelmed with sth
    • they've been overwhelmed with applications/complaints han recibido infinidad de solicitudes/quejas
    • Sure enough, the ship is suddenly pulled down under the water and overwhelmed without explanation or warning by a massive explosion of waves.
    • They prefer clear water in small lakes and ponds that are not overwhelmed with submergent and emergent vegetation and which do not support populations of fish.
    • Hours before the worst of Hurricane Rita ravages the Texas and Louisiana coasts, water overwhelms or overtops a newly patched levee.
    • The cool water overwhelmed me as much as it did him.
    • Peter is surely talking of the total world system in each case: the water overwhelmed it last time, the fire will consume it next time.
    • One sure sign of how these systems are overwhelmed with water is when the trees quickly die.
    • The Okayama prefectural police believe the woman drowned after high tides overwhelmed her home in the coastal town Kurashiki.
    • Ms Liberty is almost drowned and the city overwhelmed by a colossal tsunami.
    • Plants in Taiwan, for example, may overwhelm the whole building into which they are integrated because they are ‘extremely strong’.
    • I would later dream of this same thing: walls closing in on me, drowning and overwhelming me.
    • There are fears Hurricane Katrina could be just as deadly if it breaks New Orleans' levees and overwhelms the city's water and sewage systems.
    • They woke up with water in their homes and their cars overwhelmed with water.
    • Huge waves overwhelmed the levees and 80% of New Orleans was flooded.
    • An earthquake in ad 62 caused serious damage, while the eruption of Vesuvius on 24 August ad 79 overwhelmed the whole town.
    • He reminds us that He will be with us and that the water will not overwhelm us, He will intervene and deliver us.
    • Not a technically challenging paddle, but the sheer volume of water is enough to overwhelm inexperienced boaters.