Translation of overwork in Spanish:


hacer trabajar demasiado, v.

Pronunciation /əʊvəˈwəːk//ˌoʊvərˈwərk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (animal/person) hacer trabajar demasiado
    they claim they are overworked and underpaid dicen que los explotan
    • Julie worries about her husband being overworked and dreams of taking a vacation trip with him, perhaps to Paris.
    • The patent examiners are so overworked that they let a lot of this stuff through.
    • A major altercation was narrowly avoided as 250 thirsty guests swamped the overpriced bar, demanding a drink from one of two hopelessly overworked bar staff.
    • But even the most conscientious caseworkers are going to cut corners and make mistakes - often fatal mistakes - when they are overworked.
    • Kansas City's bullpen was overworked last season because its young starters either broke down physically or threw too many pitches to consistently work past the sixth inning.
    • The heart, already overworked because of less oxygen, has to work even harder to pump blood through the narrowed blocked vessels.
    • It is a fight neither party can win decisively, and in the meantime everyone is made worse off when seats are left open indefinitely, courts are overworked, and justice is delayed or denied.
    • Morale is really low among staff and already some are leaving because they are overworked.
    • You'll be overworked and exhausted there, too.
    • Mr Peach admitted departmental officers were often overworked and inexperienced, and worked in isolation.
    • The judges are overworked, they're underpaid.
    • Pediatricians and child psychologists can fill some gaps, but they are also often overworked.
    • Equipment is not replaced after it has worn out, positions are left unfilled and staff are dangerously overworked.
    • These nations are making no effective effort to ensure that their athletes are clean, instead leaving the job of enforcement to an overstretched, overworked WADA.
    • If your staff is overworked or overextended, it will inevitably show in their attitudes toward customers.
    • I attributed this to a large ward round, insufficient time, and overworked doctors.
    • These jobs can be done by one extraordinary and exhaustingly overworked person, or they can be shared among the available people according to ability, interest and need.
    • Fifty-eight percent said they were so overworked they could not provide the right level of care.
    • The most simple way to cut spending is to cut salaries for all doctors, but health-care staff are already overworked.
    • As long as there are fast food chains, there will always be underpaid and overworked line staff.
    • Not that I blame anyone, what with the way the NHS is underfunded and staff are overworked.
    • The coaching staff is overworked and forced to do much of the personnel work.
    • The welfare system is overworked, underpaid and they get burned out.
    • So no more vitamin B6, no Evening Primrose Oil, without a prescription from your already overworked GP.
    • Now health service staff are overworked at all levels, GP's overloaded with patients and health centres are overcrowded.
  • 2

    that is the most overworked cliché in the language es el cliché más manido / trillado de la lengua

intransitive verb

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    trabajar demasiado


  • 1

    agotamiento masculine